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REACT films and bags are Mr Shrinkwrap's responsible end-of-life packaging solution. This product was designed to have the package safely return to the environment where it typically ends its life within the traditional waste streams. The energy from your package will be harnessed and converted into clean, renewable, sustainable energy within today's modern landfill environments.

REACT Shrink FilmREACT Shrink Film

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Pallet WrappingPallet Wrapping

Pallet Wrapping

The further we get into the 21st Century, the more efficient processes are the name of the game, and installing a stretch wrap machine transitions from "fun to consider" to a "must have!" While not a small investment, they can make a huge difference to your storage, presentation, work safety, and more... all of which will ultimately save you a great deal in time, space, and (it cannot be understated) money.

Tarps vs. ShrinkwrapTarps vs. Shrinkwrap

Tarps vs. Shrinkwrap

Shrink wrap may be a very cost-effective substitute to a tarp for a variety of reasons. Because shrink wrap is so resilient and easy to fix, it reduces the need to replenish it for both long and short-term remedies. This also means less time spent on upkeep and maintenance of your cover. Whether you are roofing a boat or a structure or building one, you are saving both time and money.

Construction & ScaffoldingConstruction & Scaffolding

Construction & Scaffolding

Thanks to advancements in technology and engineering, shrink wrapping has become the go-to material for commercial construction sites. Among the many reasons why shrink wrapping has become so widely used in scaffolding construction is the tremendous protection it provides against the elements.