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Shrink Wrap Training For Shipping Personnel

Mr. Shrinkwrap is a distributor of shrink wrap-related products which also provides on-site shrink wrap training for companies in a variety of industries. Your personnel being trained on your equipment and at your facility by our expert installation team leader(s) is the most effective and efficient way to quickly adopt shrink wrapping processes into your existing production and shipping procedures. Our shrink wrap company will work with you prior to our arrival to determine the exact size(s) of shrink film and the neccessary installation accessories for your application and environment. Upon arrival, our team leader will work with your personnel through a planned set of exercises and activities to quickly get them up to a standard level of proficiency with the heat tools and the various methods for installing industrial shrink wrap. Call us to schedule a day of on-site 'how to shrink wrap' training with Mr. Shrinkwrap!      800-847-5290


Shrink Wrap of Equipment Before & After Training

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