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Shrink Wrapping Services from Mr. ShrinkWrap

Mr. ShrinkWrap specializes in providing on-site shrink wrapping services across the US and internationally for any industrial, construction & commercial application. Using time-tested procedures and an exceptional plastic wrap of extraordinary strength and durability, our technicians provide on-site shrink wrapping services in a wide range of applications including many high-profile projects. Our crews are drug tested and safety trained. Our technicians and supervisors are TWIC cardholders for Port and transportation sensitive areas as well as trained for access to any Nuclear Plant in the US with training trackable in the PADS systems. 


Typical Shrink Wrap Applications 








We've Wrapped Some Really Big Things; Do You Have A Challenging Project?

The key to this unique wrapping service is our experience customizing the wrap design specifically for the item dimensions and potential environmental conditions to protect it from. When properly applied by our skilled personnel, our high quality shrink films provide a remarkable protective cover around an object. The finished product provides a form fitting barrier that resists wind, rain and other elements. Because the cover is heat sealed, it affords complete protection even under the most adverse environmental conditions. In addition to providing an excellent protective seal, this unique wrap can be relatively easy to remove.

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