Our Self-Adhesive Collision Wrap (also known as windshield wrap or wreck wrap,) is a 4 mil thick, self-adhesive, clear film that is used to prevent additional deterioration in vehicles or other equipment that have been in a crash or are otherwise damaged which may be temporarily open to the elements. Collision Wrap allows the user to quickly and easily cover damaged areas with a water-tight and UV-resistant plastic film barrier.  Self-Adhesive Collision Wrap is coated on one side with a high-tack adhesive and adheres to clean and dry surfaces such as metal, glass, or plastic, and to interior surfaces and fabrics.  The see-through clear plastic provides a fair level of visibility for slowly driving or moving a damaged vehicle or equipment.

It is recommended to only use Self-Adhesive Collision Wrap on exterior surfaces near damaged areas.  There is a chance of adhesive residue being left behind during the removal of the collision wrap - especially if the self-adhesive film is left installed for a prolonged period of time, in direct sunlight, or otherwise heated. The tough film, high-tack adhesive, and easy application are what make Collision Wrap a versatile product with countless uses.  Our Self-Adhesive Collision wrap comes in rolls with widths of 18”, 24”, 36”, and 48”.  Our rolls come in different lengths ranging from 100’ to 300’.

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