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36" x 100' Self Adhesive Collision Wrap

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36" x 100' Self Adhesive Collision Wrap

Quick Overview

Collision Wrap is a 4 Mil self-adhesive film that makes it easy to water-proof or protect damaged areas on vehicles or other equipment - helps to prevent dirtying, rusting, deterioration and mildew.
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36" x 100' Self Adhesive Collision Wrap

Self Adhesive Collision Wrap is great for protecting already-damaged items from further environmental damage.  Depending on your application, this high-tack Self Adhesive Film may leave behind adhesive residue - especially if left in direct sunlight or otherwise heated, or left installed on an item for an extended period of time.

** If you need to protect new items or installations, such as freshly installed countertops from contaminants like construction debris, please consider using Multi-Purpose Surface Protection Film instead of Collision Wrap.  Use Collision Wrap to protect damaged vehicles (typically), and use Multi-Purpose Surface Protection Film to protect new items.

Collision Wrap is a tough yet flexible Self Adhesive Film that makes it easy to protect damaged areas on vehicles or other equipment. The quickly-applied self-adhesive film is 4 Mil thick, and helps to prevent rusting, deterioration and mildew by limiting the amount of new moisture entering an area.  Temporary partial waterproofing can be achieved if the Collision Wrap is applied carefully over broken car windows or windshields.  Typical applications for Collision Wrap include sealing broken windows, covering vehicle door jams that cannot close, covering damaged vehicle roofs, and more.


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