Temporary Walls & Partial Building Containment

Enables the continued usage of space within proximity to construction, renovation, or environmental remediation projects with shrink wrap partition walls, ceilings, or full enclosures. The project below was completed by our service crew at a hospital facility in the Long Island area of New York.

Interior Wall Under construction before shrink wrappingInterior Wall Under construction after shrink wrapping

Our Experience

The key to our wrapping service is in the nearly two decades of understanding the protection requirements of our customers. Once the variables of size, duration, mobility, and accessibility are understood, our personnel are able to recommend the proper application method to meet those requirements. When properly applied by our skilled personnel, our high-quality shrink films provide a remarkable protective cover around an object.

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Getting a quote for shrink wrap services is easy with Mr. Shrinkwrap. Simply use the form to the right of this page or send us an email with details of the structure that you would like to wrap and we will quote a price. We welcome pictures, drawings, sketches, and descriptions of the object that you would like us to quote wrapping; for requests without attachments, please use the quote form to the right or call us in the US at 800-847-5290 or worldwide at +1 610-566-5290

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