Make Manual Pallet Wrapping a Physical Hardship of the Past

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Make Manual Pallet Wrapping a Physical Hardship of the Past

The costs of labor are not just in payroll. Manual labor costs include Workers' Compensation claims, hours lost due to repetitive stress injuries, as well as the speed with which your business can manually prepare orders compared to your competition (who might not be so restrained). Whether it is individual requirements or competitive disadvantage, a "by-hand" approach becomes more and more expensive as your business grows.

The further we get into the 21st Century, the more efficient processes are the name of the game, and installing a stretch wrap machine transitions from "fun to consider" to a "must have!" While not a small investment, they can make a huge difference to your storage, presentation, work safety, and more...all of which will ultimately save you a great deal in time, space, and (it cannot be understated) money.

So how do you know you're ready to make the switch from a manual pallet wrapping process to an automated stretch wrap machine?

# 1 - Growth

The more labor-intensive the work, the more diminishing the returns. Conversely, an investment in automation continuously pays for itself over time in faster production and reduced outlay for medical issues. If your pallet count is 5 or more a day, or if you are buying hand film in bulk quantities, it's time for an upgrade. When you have a growing business, you have to act fast if you want to offset escalating costs against client demands. Having the right tools on hand will both reduce the labor on a per-item basis, and reduce the physical toll to your workforce for every job.

# 2 - Expediency

The unfortunate fact is that most customers equate speed to quality. A process mired in manual labor is rarely the solution to meet an urgent client's expectations. Instead, stretch wrap machines paired with high-quality machine-grade stretch film will ensure the ease and speed necessary to keep even the most high-demand manufacturing moving at a profitable pace.

# 3 - Health and Safety (Internally and Externally)

Stretch wrap machines are enormously popular in a variety of industries as they reduce manual handling, which equates to fewer safety risks. Production and Risk Managers learned long ago that stretch wrapping is an efficient and safe process that can drastically reduce the risks of injury and contamination, as well as keeping products preserved and can be ready-to-go at a moment's notice.

You Have Options

Even if you’ve checked all the boxes, it’s fundamental that you invest in the right stretch wrap machine for your needs. There is a wide range of solutions on the market, including semi-manual, semi-automatic, automatic and robotic options, depending on your desired output.

For moderate pallet wrapping needs, Mr. Shrinkwrap offers "The Wrapman." The Wrapman is a semi-automatic mobile stretch wrapper that provides maximum protection to your product with half the packaging costs. How? The Wrapman comes with a motorized carriage that pre-stretches the film up to 200%(!). Ideal for light and/or unstable loads, there is no effort required by the operator, as the stretching of the film is done entirely by the machine. Click here to find out more about the Wrapman, or give us a call and we can directly discuss your options.

Mr Shrinkrwap is celebrating 30 years' of industry experience, putting us in the ideal position to help you answer each of these questions.

Contact us to enjoy these benefits and a wide range of stretch and shrink wrap solutions at 1-866-824-9011 today!

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