Energy from packaging waste

REACT films are Mr. Shrinkwrap's responsible, end-of-life film solution. This product was designed to have the film safely return to the environment where it typically ends its life within the traditional waste streams. The energy from your package will be harnessed and converted into clean, renewable, sustainable energy within today's modern landfill environments.

Shrink wrap is a low-density polyethylene film made up of polymers. REACT Shrink Wrap boat wraps protect boats from extreme weather, wind, moisture, and more. These wraps keep moisture, dust, debris, and bug out of your boat.

When heat is applied, the REACT Shrink Wrap shrinks tightly over whatever it is covering. A tightly contoured fit offer a tailored solution for covering, securing, protecting, and packaging the structure they cover around. Common plastics used to produce heat shrink wrap are polyolefin, PVC, polyethylene, and polypropylene. Heat can be applied with a handheld heat gun (electric or gas), or the product and film can pass through a heat tunnel on a conveyor.

Films are stretched when they are warm to orient the molecules from their initial random pattern. Cooling the film sets the film's characteristics until it is reheated: this causes it to shrink back toward its initial dimensions.

How Does REACT Work?

REACT maintains film integrity and will not change the barriers or physical properties of the material. REACT is shelf stable and will not break down from oxygen or UV rays. Consumers do not have to change their behavior or adjust the way they discard the film. The energy generation facility recycles REACT into renewable energy, just simply discard the used package into the waste bin. It's that easy!

Where do I recycle REACT wrap when I’m finished with it?

Find the most suitable facility near you.


  • REACT Marine Shrink Wrap boat wraps provides a physical barrier of protection to your boat during transport and storage.
  • The REACT material is designed to convert into energy within a modern landfill environment.
  • It can tightly wrap any odd-shaped object of varying dimensions.
  • Highly UV resistant, which protects the film from harsh sun rays and improves longevity.
  • REACT Marine Shrink Wrap wraps are puncture-resistant making them an ideal wrap for transport purposes.
  • Easy to patch and repair.


  • Ideal for wrapping big objects and equipment during transportation in extreme weather. Unlike a usual cover, it won't flap about in the wind.
  • Excellent wrap for long-term storage. Protection from extreme weather, precipitation, and UV rays.

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