Tarps vs Shrink Wrap: Which one to Choose for a Boat Cover?

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Tarps vs Shrink Wrap: Which one to Choose for a Boat Cover?

If you own a boat, you understand that it is a substantial investment that may offer you, your family, and your colleagues many years of enjoyment and a lifespan of wonderful memories.

If you have already made that investment, you are undoubtedly taking care to safeguard your boat when it is not in the water, in order to preserve its aesthetic value while also lowering the probability of future maintenance. After all, the average boat owner only keeps their boat for around 5 years before purchasing their new one, so taking care of your boat over that 5 year period may translate into huge cash, if you plan to sell the boat in the near future.

If you are trying to decide between Tarps and Shrink wrap, read our full in-depth guide to understanding which one to choose from.

Shrink Wrap vs Tarps: Durability

Shrink wrap is more durable! Tarps cannot compete with shrink wrap in terms of durability. Over time tarps will degrade and end up causing unnecessary mess to your boat by flaking apart and potential abrasion. Shrink wrap form conforms to whatever shape is being covered. Because the plastic is fastened and as tight as a drum, it does not get beaten up by elements like wind, rain, snow, and hail like a tarp does. The plastic stays in place and does not move like a slack tarp, which implies there is less risk of tearing, splits, and harshness to whatever it is covering because it is not fluttering against it.

It automatically saves time. When opposed to a tarp that floats around in the breeze or is destroyed by the weather, using shrink wrap will save time in needing to repair, reposition, or reapply.

Shrink Wrap vs Tarps: Preservation

When contrasted to a tarp, shrink wrap offers the best protection against the weather. There really is nothing better to use when it comes to defending what is underneath your cover from the weather than shrink wrap because of the way it is attached, and supported. Shrink wrap's security and weather-resistant powers cannot be equaled by a tarp, whether you are wanting to shield your boat from snowfall, your equipment from wind during transport, or the inside of your structure from rain.

Shrink wrap not only covers better than a tarp, but it also looks nicer. If you want to protect anything from the weather with a cover while still looking respectable, shrink wrap is the way to go.

Shrink Wrap vs Tarps: Recyclability

Shrink wrap is constructed of 100% raw resins and is non-biodegradable, however, it is easily recycled into a variety of items. So, if you would like to do your part to help the planet, shrink wrap is the ideal combination of weather protection and environmental consciousness. Check out our REACT Shrink Wrap for the most environment friendly shrink wrap option.

Unfortunately, tarps are not recyclable.

Shrink Wrap vs Tarps: Cost

Shrink wrap may be a very cost-effective substitute to a tarp for a variety of reasons. Because shrink wrap is so resilient (as previously mentioned) and easy to fix, it reduces the need to replenish it for both long and short-term remedies. This also means less time spent on upkeep and maintenance of your cover. Whether you are roofing a boat or a structure or building one, you are saving both time and money.

In a nutshell, Shrink wrap is an amazing cost-effective solution to protect your boat from wind, rain, and snow. On top of that, it is easily recyclable.

If you are looking for a boat cover for your boat, Mr. Shrink wrap is a great place to start. Get in touch with us via our online form or call us at 800-847-5290.
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