How do you protect yourself from the elements? Layer up. That’s exactly what a Transhield V-Hull cover does for your boat!  Transhield is the 3-Layer Shrinkable Fabric with a patented VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) for superior storage protection.  Transhield covers have a shrinkable, waterproof, outer layer that provides protection from rain, snow, UV rays, dirt, and other airborne pollutants.   The middle layer is a hot olefin adhesive, and the inner layer is a soft, nonwoven, polyester material to protect against etching and scratching.  Whether you’re storing your boat indoors or outdoors, Transhield covers will protect your investment with minimal effort and high-quality results!

To quickly make repairs or patches to a damaged Transhield cover, try some Shrink Wrap Tape.  If you don’t have a heat tool, you can pick one out for yourself here, or you can Rent a Heat Tool from Mr. Shrinkwrap.

If you can't find the Cover you need, you can request a customized order!  See our Custom Sewn Covers page Here!

Mr. ShrinkWrap is a leading distributor of protective products, boat storage shrink wrap, and installation supplies with a dedicated team available to take your order at any time of day, we also have several experienced shrink wrapping technicians on staff to help and support you on various aspects of any shrink wrap project. If you have a question, give us a call at 800-847-5290.

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