22' Pontoon Universal (4' Height) Boat Cover by Transhield

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This 22' Pontoon Universal (4' Height) Boat Cover by Transhield is easy to install!

Note: Supports up to 108" Max. Beam Width

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22' Pontoon Universal (4' Height) Boat Cover by Transhield

**Lead Time approximately 3 Weeks, but possibly less. Call us for Lead Time concerns.**

Transhield boat covers are a great choice for protection from the elements during long-term storage or transportation of your boat. Transhield covers are also easy to install! Transhield covers may be heated to shrink for a tight fit, which is necessary for demanding applications like long-term outdoor storage or transportation on the road. Shrinking of a Transhield cover is not required for light duty applications like indoor, covered storage.Once your Transhield cover is shrunk around the top half of your boat, it will be much more difficult to remove and reinstall.

What's Included:

  • The Transhield Cover
  • Attached Drawstring
  • Side Loops for better Securing of the sides of the Cover

What You'll Need:

  • Support Structure Under the Cover (Pole Accessory Kit or you can make support posts yourself)
  • Rope or other method to secure the Cover using the Side Loops
  • Propane Heat Gun to shrink the cover.

**TRANSHIELD COVER RETURNS/EXCHANGE POLICY: Covers are sized generically and are not guaranteed to fit any specific model of boat. It is our recommendation to select a cover that is one size above the overall length of your boat (including swim platforms and engines if they are to be covered) to ensure full coverage. For returns, the customer is responsible for the payment of the return shipping cost and a 15% restocking fee. If exchanging for a different cover, restocking fee will be waived.**

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