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Pressure Sensitive Shrink Wrap Tapes

Our Shrink Wrap Tape is a 9 mil conformable, tough, waterproof heat shrink tape with a permanently tacky adhesive which bonds well to most surfaces, over a wide range of temperatures. It has good tensile strength as well as good tear characteristics. Its low temperature bond is excellent. Our heat shrink wrap tape works great for patching up holes and reinforcing seams in your shrink wrap. It is also used for installing zipper access doors.


Our UV Preservation Tape is a 10 mil tape that has similar properties to heat shrink tape with a couple of additional benefits. First, preservation tape is designed not to leave a sticky residue making it ideal for applying directly to paint sensitive surfaces. Second, preservation tape is better suited to withstand long-term weather exposure, making it the better option for long-term outdoor storage jobs.  


Both lines of waterproof shrink wrap tape are available in White, Blue, and Clear in sizes varying from 1" to 6". If you're unsure of which tape is right for you, don't hesitate to give us a call in the US at 1-800-847-5290 or worldwide at +1 610-566-5290.