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TB60 TB125

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  • TB60 TB125

G-TEC Natural Gas Torch Booster TB-125

Quick Overview

A Torch Booster is easy to use! When your
torch is not lit the Torch Booster automatically goes into recirculation mode.
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G-TEC Natural Gas Torch Booster TB-125

Lead Time: Typically 3 Weeks. Contact us for any lead time concerns.

When your gas utility is unable to provide enough pressure to operate you Shrinkfast Heat Tool, a G-TEC Natural Gas Torch Booster will give ou all the flow you need.  Torch Boosters are easy to connect to the gas pipe, easy to operate, and they supply gas at a proper pressure all day.  Turn the system on at the start of the day and off after the last shift - it's like a gas cylinder that never runs empty!

When your torch is not lit, the Torch Booster automatically goes into recirculation mode. It is designed to be left running for short periods when torches are not being used and does not require operator attention as torches are turned on and off.  TB-125 Torch Boosters are Certified by CSA International, CE Compliant and are permitted in buildings that prohibit gases in cylinders such as acetylene and propane.

The TB-125 Torch Booster will fuel up to 3 Shrinkfast Model MZ, 1 Shrinkfast Model 975, or 1 Model 998 Heat Tool, 4 common flame cutting or brazing torches, up to 2 Messer ALFA torches, an NC Tool Forge with up to 4 burners, XRF sample preparation, or 2 ham glazing torches.

The G-TEC TB-125 Natural Gas Torch Booster Additional Info:

  • Boosts Gas Pressure to 30psi at 150scfh
  • Gas Supply must be 1/4 to 5psi in a 1" pipe.
  • Electrical requirement is 120V 20A 60Hz or 230V 20A 50Hz
  • Includes 5' flexible hose to connect ststem to gas pipe
  • Attach Shrinkfast regulator to high-pressure outlet to set pressure at 15psi for best performance
  • Cabinet is 20" W x 16" T x 18" D
  • Unit weighs 125lbs
  • No special site environmental preparation required
  • Ambient temperature should be between 40-90F
  • Cooling module required if >90F or >16 hours runtime

Here are several reasons to use high pressure natural gas with your heat tool:
1. For equal BTUs, natural gas is up to 75% less expensive than propane.
2. Natural gas is safer than propane. Because natural gas is lighter than air, leaks rise and dissipate. Propane however, is heavier than air, so leaks sink to the lowest spot in the facility and wait for a spark.
3. With a G-TEC Torch Booster, you eliminate cylinders of stored propane in your building. In the case of an emergency, propane cylinders make an already dangerous situation worse. G-TEC Torch Boosters do not store gas – they boost pressure from your natural gas supply to the heat tool as gas is used.
4. What our customers like best is they never run out of gas. There are no small propane cylinders to run empty, no need to remove and reinstall individual pressure regulators, and emergency gas deliveries are never needed.


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