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Is it Shrink wrap or Stretch wrap? What’s the difference?

By August 31, 2020 530 Views No comments

We know it can feel overwhelming when trying to decide what products are right for you and your needs. One question we get frequently is, “which should I use? Shrink Wrap or Stretch Wrap?”

Shrink Wrap is a much thicker material that wraps loosely around a product or object like plastic sheeting. After the shrink wrap is in place, a propane heat gun is used to apply intense heat to fuse together any seams. Finally, the shrink wrap is heated and shrunk to its secure and greatly protective form that you see below. We usually think about boat covers when we think of shrink wrap, but how about an aircraft cover?! Just about anything can be wrapped in the protective and versatile material, shrink wrap.

Shrinkwrapped Aircrafts

Stretch Wrap, on the other hand, is similar to the plastic food wrap in your kitchen. It is applied tightly around the object and is a much thinner and weaker material than shrink wrap. Stretch wrap is often used when securing a pallet or a bundle of items. The user can apply the stretch wrap around and around the object until the stacked material layers provide the required strength to secure the load. No heat is required for applying stretch wrap, but stretch wrapped items aren’t completely protected from the elements. Stretch wrap is used to secure and identify stacked loads, and it can be used as a light dust cover. This is the reason why stretch wrap is more frequently used in an indoor/warehouse setting. In the image below, you can see a palletized load of shrink wrap rolls which is stabilized by many layers of stretch wrap.

Shrinkwrapped Pallets

Leave a comment: Do you use Stretch Wrap, Shrink Wrap, or both?

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