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Mr. Shrinkwrap Completes Scaffolding Containment

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Timeliness and property preservation can be a huge factor in the success of a construction project. Using shrink wrap for containment of scaffolding enables the continued progress of the project through unfavorable weather by enclosing the scaffolding. An example of this is the scaffolding containment job we completed during a construction project at Ursinus College. The aim of this shrink wrap job was to cover the walkway on the preexisting scaffold supplied by the construction crew.

To begin the shrink wrap process, we padded any sharp points on the scaffolding. We then secured a bomb sheet over the top rugged portion of the scaffolding, which had boards laid out across it as a makeshift roof. (A bomb sheet is a layer of film which acts as a padding preparation layer to reduce the chance of tears in the final wrap.)

After the padding and upper bomb sheet were in place, our team secured a large piece of shrink wrap to a low, horizontal support of the scaffold. We then pulled the rest of the shrink wrap up and over the scaffolding, making a right angle at the highest point, going across the makeshift roof, and down the other side to a nearby horizontal support. This large piece of film was secured by wrapping the shrink wrap around a horizontal support and fusing the wrap to itself. We then secured the loose sides of the large piece of shrink wrap around vertical supports of the scaffolding wherever possible. Lastly, we applied tape over the top of the overlapping pieces of the wrap as a final precautionary measure against rain and wind damage, as well as curious passersby who might give the wrap a tug. At this point, the scaffolding containment was complete!

Why to Choose Mr. Shrinkwrap’s Shrink Wrap Services

Nearly two decades of understanding and fulfilling the protection requirements of our customers is the key to our wrapping services. Once the variables of size, duration, mobility and accessibility are understood, our personnel are able to recommend the proper application method to meet those requirements. When properly applied by our skilled personnel, our high-quality shrink films provide a remarkable protective cover around an object.

Get a Quote For Construction and Containment Shrink Wrap Services

Getting a quote for shrink wrap services is easy with Mr. Shrinkwrap. Using our online quote form, you can provide the details of the structure that you would like to wrap and we will quote a price. We welcome pictures, drawings, sketches and descriptions of the object that you would like us to quote wrapping. You can also call us with questions anytime at 1-888-366-0617 or chat with us at

About Mr. Shrinkwrap

Mr. Shrinkwrap ( is a global provider of on-site shrink wrap services and distributor of shrink film, heat guns, shrink wrap tape, preservation tape, stretch wrap, self-adhering films, and shrink wrap supplies. Mr. Shrinkwrap provides a variety of commercial, industrial and residential shrink wrap applications.

Since 1991, Mr. Shrinkwrap has evolved from a local boat covering service to a thriving business with international scope. Mr. Shrinkwrap has been asked to provide shrink wrap services for objects ranging from outdoor furniture to nuclear power turbines.

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