Anti-Chafe Tape is a high-performance protective masking tape. Mr. Shrinkwrap's Anti-Chafe Tape is designed to be placed between the shrink wrap and the object being covered in order to prevent scratching or chafing. Many times when something like a boat is shrink wrapped, gusts of wind will push against the wrap, causing the wrap to rub against the boat, making light scratches on the boat's paint. Over time, these light scratches due to wind will accumulate and contribute to noticeable damage to the finished paint. With its 3 mil thickness, medium-tack adhesive backing, and UV protection, Anti-Chafe Tape is the solution to this problem.
Anti-Chafe Tape
Be sure to look at Mr. Shrinkwrap's Shrink Wrap Installation Supplies page for Crosswoven StrapTapeVentsZipper Doors, or other items you might need for your project. If you don’t have a heat tool, you can pick one out for yourself here, or you can Rent a Heat Tool from Mr. Shrinkwrap.

If you can't find the Anti-Chafe or any other tape you need, you can submit a custom order!  See our Custom Tapes page Here!

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