Ripack 3000 Heat Gun

The RIPACK® 3000 propane heat tool takes the best features of the 2200 model and builds upon them to create an even better-designed tool that allows users to heat large areas of shrink wrap safely and quickly. The stainless-steel nozzle can be turned a full 360 degrees, preventing burns with its cold nozzle technology. To ensure uninterrupted operation, a backup igniter is included in the tool’s housing, easily swappable for continued use. The gun weighs only 2.7 pounds but delivers a powerful 260,000 BTUs of heat.


The RIPACK® 3000 can wrap a Euro-pallet of one-meter height in less than a minute with its 45 to 76kW adjustable heating power. Providing enhanced safety for individuals and goods near the heat tool, the construction of this tool eliminates the risk of gas leaks and burns from direct contact or backfire. The stainless-steel combustion nozzle remains cold even during intensive use, and the aluminum body design prevents obstruction of air inlets and the pressure regulator.


Numerous features, such as the ergonomic dual-material handle, the easy action of the trigger, the perfect balance of its 1220 grams, the 360° rotating cold nozzle, the swivel-style gas connector, and the hanger ring, enable intensive use of the RIPACK® 3000 with minimal constraint. The comprehensive ergonomics of the heat tool limit downtime during maintenance to a minimum. The replacement of the RIPACK® 3000’s piezo ignitor with an incorporated replacement igniter is tool-free and takes less than a minute.


The choice of materials and quality construction of the RIPACK® 3000 ensure lasting durability. Components typically sensitive to shocks, heat, or tearing are systematically protected in the RIPACK® 3000.


To shrink large areas of your wrap, the RIPACK® 3000 offers a choice of 5 extension wands from 0.50 to 2 meters long (common to model RIPACK® 2200) and is adaptable with a single click. An optional pivoting armrest provides increased comfort during use with an extension wand. Browse our selection below to see these and other heat gun accessories for the RIPACK® 3000.


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