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Tips For Removing Shrink Wrap From Your Boat

By Brenden Hojara April 11, 2022 455 Views No comments

With boating season on the horizon, boat owners are looking to take off the shrink wrap from their boats and get themselves ready for some fun in the sun. But what you may not know is that even though shrink wrap is not bio-degradable, it is recyclable. If you are planning to recycle your shrink wrap, it becomes critical for you to remove the boat cover with caution. Our experts at Mr. Shrinkwrap would like to share a few key tips on removing shrink wrap from your boat.

1. Use the Right Tools

With the help of the right tool, you can efficiently and safely cut and trim the shrink wrap. Plastic can be cut with box cutters and scissors, but they lack control, safety, and convenience of use. Mr. Shrinkwrap Film Knives will give you the assurance to cut through multiple layers of the film without cutting or scraping the surface underneath the wrap or pushing through and slicing anything you'd rather leave alone. Our knives have rotatory and replaceable blades which last longer and add value to your investment.

2. Remove Vents and Zipper Doors

Before taking off the shrink wrap, it is important for you to remove vents and zipper doors. Zipper Access Doors are reusable, and while they should be fitted directly onto the wrap right away, the inner wrap does not need to be cut or perforated until there is an emergency need for entry.

3. Cut at the Right Spot

It's critical for boat owners to cut the cover correctly. When removing the shrink wrap from your boat, be sure to cut above the perimeter band. We recommend hiring a professional shrink wrapping service that can help you cut the shrink-wrapped boat cover.

4. Recycle Your Boat Cover

Shrink wrap is environmentally friendly and you can easily recycle it. Presuming the shrink wrap is of good quality and free of tape, packing labels, or anything else that would compromise the integrity of the plastic, it can be baled on your premises or collected up by a trash and recycling company to be aggregated and baled at a different site.

Click here to learn more about recycling your shrink wrap. And if you have any questions don't hesitate to give us a call.

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