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Why you Should Rent a Shrinkfast 998 Heat Gun and NOT a Weed Burner for Your Next Shrink Wrap Job.

By October 5, 2020 6527 Views No comments

Why you Should Rent a Shrinkfast 998 Heat Gun and NOT a Weed Burner for Your Next Shrink Wrap Job.

First Things First...What is a Weed Burner/Roofing Torch?

A weed burner or roofing torch is a portable gas torch that produces a significant flame from the end of a long metal tube attached to a hose and regulator propane tank. The flame stays on all the time creating a constant hazard.

While the design is universal, some manufacturers include additional features such as an igniter, which is safer than lighting the flame tip with a lighter or match. Most of the time, the gas regulator is included, though its placement can vary.

The primary function of a weed burner is to use a flame to remove weeds in your yard, in or around sidewalks and driveways, and in gardens/farms. In the roofing industry, it is used to heat tar and roofing materials.

Why use a Weed Burner for Your Next Shrink Wrap Job?

Simple answer: DON’T!

Shrinkfast Rental

While these products are readily available at your local hardware store and inexpensive, these are NOT meant for shrink wrap projects and can be quite dangerous.

We have heard from many customers in the past who first purchased weed burners to complete their shrink wrap projects only to come to us after having terrible issues (sometimes dangerous ones) and many with poor results.

Here at Mr. Shrinkwrap, we want to get you the right tools for your next shrink wrap project. We know that sometimes it is not feasible to purchase a full Shrink Wrap Starter Kit but we have you covered!

Rent a Shrinkfast 998 Heat Gun

Rent a Shrinkfast 998 Heat Gun

The Shrinkfast 998 Heat Gun is propane operated and comes ready to use with 25' hose, regulator, and carrying case. This model 998 is somewhat different from the Shrinkfast 975 in that it is lighter and more efficient.

To rent from us simply contact Mr. Shrinkwrap and pay a fraction of the list price for 7 days along with a refundable deposit and you will have the Shrinkfast 998 Heat Gun shipped to you to complete your project. If you need longer than 7 days we will just charge you an additional weekly fee. All Shrinkfast 998 Heat Guns are under one year old and we guarantee the product’s quality and functionality. Learn More. As an added bonus we will provide a credit of $75 towards the purchase of a new heat gun after a rental has been completed.

In Conclusion…

With any project (big or small), it is imperative to have the right equipment and materials (you wouldn’t try to eat a steak with a plastic butter knife). Don’t make the mistake of cutting corners with your shrink wrap projects. It will just lead to frustration and likely additional unexpected costs to fix the first attempt.

Mr. Shrinkwrap is here and ready to give you all the tips, tricks, advice, and products to make sure you have a great experience with excellent results.

Product Spotlight!: Shrinkfast Heat Guns

By September 7, 2020 2314 Views No comments

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