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Moisture Control

By November 23, 2020 800 Views No comments

Moisture Control Tools

Moisture inside a shrink wrapped object is never a good thing but it can be difficult to avoid. Once the impermeable layer of shrink wrap is applied there will still be a difference in temperature which will cause condensation, and sweat inside. Moisture can cause mold, mildew, and rust but there are two extremely useful tools that can control the buildup of moisture, Vents, and Desiccant Bags.


Vents let air come and go while still controlling whether things rust or corrode. Vents hold down moisture under the cover and come in three main styles: rectangle, round, and stealth.

  • Rectangle vents are weather tight with a self-adhesive application. This vent has twp pieces and once a rectangular hole is cut in the shrink wrap simply place the adhesive side on a clean flat surface. The dome-shaped cover is then added to allow air in and out. Rectangle vents are best used on fully vertical surfaces.
  • Round vents are very similar to rectangle vents in the application process with a self-adhesive back that sticks to the shrink wrap and a dome cover that is placed on top. Pro Tip: make sure the cut/hole in the shrink wrap is smaller than the size of the vent hole. The vent must adhere completely to the shrink wrap to ensure a sturdy vent that will last all season.
  • Stealth vents are self-piercing and do not require an additional knife to cut an opening in the shrink wrap. These vents have a paper clip top that snaps on the outer side of the shrink wrap. The cerated edge goes underneath the shrink wrap and two notches on the edge that need to be pushed underneath the shrink wrap to make sure it gets around and into the notch. If using stealth vents for an extended period of time they may start to fail so Mr. Shrinkwrap’s pro tip is to use tape to secure the vent. Adding tape to secure the vent keeps it in place throughout the season. These vents are popular with speed boats, runabouts and anywhere there is a smaller-sized t-post or 45-degree angles.

Desiccant Bags

Have you ever used or heard of “Damp-rid buckets”?

These buckets are placed inside shrink wrapped assets, typically boat bathrooms, closed cabins, etc. to absorb moisture while the asset is wrapped. These commonly used Damp-rid Buckets are very messy and the ingredients used turn to a goo-like substance over time. Luckily Mr. Shrinkwrap found a much better option, desiccant bags.

What are Desiccant Bags?

Desiccant bags are a large version of the small bags you might find in a supplement bottle or electronics to absorb moisture. These bags are simply placed in the head and cabin area. Typically for a boat under 30ft 7-10 bags are used in the interior areas or 1 bag per 3x3 cubic ft. These bags will keep the boat dry for up to six months. Mr. Shrinkwrap recommends varying the levels where bags are placed to ensure all moisture is properly absorbed. It is also important to consider the weather, climate, and other factors when determining how many bags should be used. Our team of experts are here to assist with deciding how many desiccant bags should be used on your next project, 1-866-824-3723.

Before your next shrink wrapping project make sure you have an appropriate supply of moisture controlling tools. Mr. Shrinkwrap has everything you need to successfully shrink wrap just about anything!

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