Recycling Shrink Wrap the Right Way

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Recycling Shrink Wrap the Right Way

With the official start of spring just a week away, boat owners everywhere will soon be tearing off their shrink wrap covers and getting their toys back in the water. Depending on where you live, certain recycling laws may apply, but don’t let the lack of mandatory law stop you from doing your part. Be proactive! Shrink Wrap is made of LDPE (low density polyethylene), which is not degradable and takes up valuable space in landfills that could be used for unrecyclable rubbish.

Shrink Wrap is considered a category 4 plastic in the recycling industry, so be sure to check if your local recycling company will pick that up from a residential location. If not, reach out to your local marina, as more and more are participating in group efforts with the state to eliminate shrink wrap waste. For example, Pennsylvania has gained the participation of several counties and organizations to collect and recycle over 120,400 lbs of shrink wrap since 2008 when the project started. Start this spring the right way and do your part!

Fred Streicher, Marketing Coordinator
Mr. Shrinkwrap
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Toll Free: 800-847-5290

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