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Mr. Shrinkwrap Covers Homeowner's Roof Damage from Recent Storm

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When a Delaware County, PA homeowner recently checked on their tarp-covered home, they found that the tarps were not keeping out the rain. This was on top of the destruction caused when a tree fell and hit their home during a high wind storm on June 24th that the tarps were placed over in an attempt at keeping the home dry. The homeowners are in the process of working things out with their insurance company and have been staying in temporary housing since the storm, however many of their personal possessions are still in the house as they plan to move back in after reconstruction.

Upon their discovery of the leak, the homeowner called the restoration company that they are working with, SERVPRO of West Chester, PA. Blake, a partner in the company managing the situation was unsure of where to turn for better coverage than tarps. Having heard from a friend that Mr. Shrinkwrap can cover almost anything they gave us a call. Within an hour Mr. Shrinkwrap had visited the home and booked a man lift and crew for the site the following day.

Once the man lift was delivered to the site and a few items of preparation were completed, the shrink film was applied. Within approximately six hours, the home was covered and protected from the rain that followed shortly after completion.

We combine our nineteen years of experience with high strength, industrial grade shrink wrap to cover buildings, houses, boats, equipment and anything else that our customers need covered or protected from weather. We are also a distributor of a full line of shrink wrap, stretch wrap, tape and other plastic films for commercial and industrial use. Please visit our website for more information or call the number below.

Kevin Comerford, Sales & Service

Mr. Shrinkwrap
Local: 610-566-5290
Toll Free: 800-847-5290

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