24' x 248' 7 Mil Husky Brand Shrink Wrap - White

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  • Protection from elements for high-value assets including boats, furniture, and heavy machinery
  • 100% Virgin Resin Shrink Wrap
  • 12-month UVI Protection
  • Shipping Weight: 209 lbs
  • Surface Area: 5952 Square Feet Per Roll
  • Shipping Dimensions: 49" x 15" x 15"

Product Description

24’ x 248’ 7 Mil Husky Brand Shrink Wrap - White

Shrink wrap is an extremely versatile product that allows you to create a moisture barrier to protect outdoor items such as boats, furniture and other equipment. Shrink Wrap, otherwise known as Heat Shrink Film or Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE), allows you to effectively protect pallets, boxes and a wide range of items from dirt, grime, and other contaminants. Offering protection from the elements for a very wide range of things, shrink wrap is designed to provide solutions to everyday problems with a simple and easy installation process.

Shrink Wrap is typically used as a seasonal cover or wrap for boats and outdoor furniture during the winter months. However, large equipment and many other items can benefit from shrink wrap’s protection from the elements year ‘round. Shrink Wrap also provides protection from UV rays for up to 6 months! This aspect of protection can be especially valuable for protecting new paint and other materials that degrade with prolonged exposure to UV rays from the sun. Shrink wrap is easily installed by one or two people and it provides a great alternative to expensive, custom-made covers that get beat up by the sun over the course of a few seasons.

Mr. Shrinkwrap offers a variety of different sizes and colors of shrink wrap. Material thickness of the shrink wrap will be in the range of 6 to 12 mil. One mil is equivalent to one-thousandth of an inch. Each different thickness of shrink wrap has certain applications for which it will be better suited.

Check out our Mr. Shrinkwrap Advisor Tips on how to select the right size for your next project:

  • 6 Mil shrink wrap is our thinnest recommended thickness for seasonal protection of outdoor furniture and other small, light-duty applications. Good for milder winters, or if the covered item will be fully or partially sheltered.

  • 7 Mil is the most common thickness of shrink wrap used for marine applications like covering boats and jet skis. 7 Mil is also used for small to midsize scaffolding covers, crates, small equipment, and short-distance road travel. Able to handle harsh winters with moderate snow.

  • 8 and 9 Mil shrink wraps are used for covering large boats, large scaffolding, medium-to-large size equipment, or if the object to be wrapped has considerably sharp edges. These thicker films are more puncture-resistant and can sustain higher levels of heat during the shrinking process.

  • 10 Mil shrink wrap is our first choice for wrapping heavy equipment for road transportation. (Any shrink wrap Vents must be applied at the destination.) The additional thickness of 10 mil shrink wrap makes it better suited for industrial or construction/renovation applications. Projects such as temporary walls and dust barriers, and the protection of valuable equipment or rough materials for long-term storage.

Mr. Shrinkwrap Advisor Pro Tip: Different thicknesses of shrink wrap are more suitable for certain applications, but with proper preparation, any thickness of shrink wrap can be used for nearly any application. It is recommended to use thicker shrink wrap for long-distance road travel and heavy-duty applications.

Shrink wrap comes in three colors; White, Blue, and Clear. The color of the shrink wrap will slightly affect how much ventilation is required and how well the wrap is able to stand up to the elements.

White shrink wrap provides the most protection from the sun and therefore reduces air temperature fluctuation. Clear shrink wrap allows a lot of light to pass through the material, causing greater air temperature fluctuation. Some folks use Clear shrink wrap so they can easily check on the condition of valuable equipment/parts. The darker color of Blue shrink wrap will better absorb heat from sunlight, which tends to increase the temperature differential between the air inside the wrap and the air outside. Some folks in the north use Blue shrink wrap in an effort to melt snow and ice more quickly.

Mr. Shrinkwrap Advisor Pro Tip: When thinking about the environment within your shrink wrap, it is true that less temperature differential and fluctuation will lead to less condensation. Less condensation leads to less mold and mildew over time. This is why Mr. Shrinkwrap recommends solutions like shrink wrap Vents or Desiccant Bags for storage and other long term applications.

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Shrink Wrap MSDS
Shrink Wrap Specifications

Federal Specifications
D882 D1593 D1709 D1922
D2732 D4397-91 D4635-91 G53
LP-378 LP-390 LP-512

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