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Zipper Door Opeing (20" x 24" Shown)

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  • Zipper Door Opeing (20" x 24" Shown)
  • 20" x 24" Hatch Access, Only available in White
  • 30" x 36" Small Door, Only available in White
  • 36" x 48" Standard size for boats.  Available in White, Blue or Clear
  • 36" x 72" Large size for boats.  Available in White, Blue or Clear

Zipper Door for Shrink Wrap Choice of Size and Color

Quick Overview

Zipper doors provide easy access to areas under a shrink wrapped object.
Do not apply heat to zipper doors!

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SKU: MSW-ZipperDoors

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Zipper Door for Shrink Wrap Choice of Size and Color

Zipper doors provide easy access to areas under a shrink wrapped object. Opening and closing zipper doors is easier than zipping up a winter jacket. There's no hassle of lining up the two halves of the zipper. The zippers on these doors are always connected, even when the door is completely unzipped. These zipper doors are made from a material that looks similar to shrink wrap, but is not meant to be shrunk or have heat applied to it.

Installation of a zipper door is very easy. You'll need a shrink film knife, some shrink wrap tape, and depending on where you want your door, you may need a ladder.
Your shrink wrap project must complete the shrinking process before you install your zipper door(s). Once the shrink wrap film is shrunk and cooled, you can eye up where you want the door to be installed. Use a few small pieces of shrink film tape to hold the corners of your zipper door in place to get a good, smooth fit over the area where the door will be installed. After the corners of the door are taped in place, check to see that the zipper still zips and unzips easily.   If the zipper has a hard time moving in certain areas of the door opening, the door may have been secured to the shrink wrap with too much tension across the door.  When your door is in place with easy zipper movement, use shrink film tape or preservation tape to secure each of the four sides of the door to the shrink wrap. Overlap all edges of the door with tape so that no water can find its way behind the door material.  Then, unzip the door and cut out your access point in the shrink wrap under the door. The hole you cut in the shrink wrap should be either slightly smaller than the size of the zipper, or slightly larger. Cutting your access point to the same size as the zipper itself can cause the zipper to catch the edge of the film and develop a bit of a jam. After your access point has been cut out under your door, zip the door closed and check again for easy zipper movement. Finally, zip shut and admire your new zipper door!


Mr. Shrinkwrap stocks more than just great Zipper Doors.  We carry all sorts of shrink wrap materials, tools and equipment! Be sure to look at Mr. Shrinkwrap's Shrink Wrap Installation Supplies page for Crosswoven Strap, Vents, or other items you might need for your project. If you don’t have a heat tool, you can pick one out for yourself here, or you can Rent a Heat Tool from Mr. Shrinkwrap.


Mr. Shrinkwrap is a leading distributor of protective products, shrink wrap films and installation supplies with a dedicated team available to take your order at any time of day. We have several experienced shrink wrap installation technicians on staff to help and support you on various aspects of any shrink wrap project. If you would like to place an order over the phone or have questions for us, give Mr. Shrinkwrap a call at 800-847-5290.

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