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Zerust Vapor Capsule Diffuser 2-2  VCI Emitter 10/Case

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Zerust Vapor Capsule Diffuser 2-2 VCI Emitter 10/Case

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Provides 35 cubic feet of protection for 2 years
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SKU: MSW-375-M-00003

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Ships From: Philadelphia PA


Zerust Vapor Capsule Diffuser 2-2 VCI Emitter 10/Case

The vapor capsules use Zerust© patented rust- and corrosion-inhibiting formula. The capsules release a non-toxic and odorless vapor into your storage container (such as a toolbox, lockbox, plastic tote, etc.). The vapor contains VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) molecules, which surround the surface of your metals or electronics, creating an invisible rust and corrosion shield. Once the contents of your storage container is exposed to outside air, the VCI molecules will detach themselves and vaporize harmlessly into the air.


** 2-2 Models provide 35 cubic feet of protection for a period of 2 years.


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