From adhesive tape to zipper doors, Mr. Shrinkwrap has you covered with a complete selection of installation supplies for any shrink wrap installation!

Shrink Wrap Accessories

Tape - is used to cover seams, patch small holes, secure padding, act as minimal padding, and hold folds together.

Vents - are used to create air circulation, which reduces moisture buildup and helps to prevent mold and mildew from forming.

Moisture Control Desiccant Bags - are used in enclosed spaces to keep condensation from forming by absorbing moisture from the air.

End Caps & Bottom Caps - are designed to fit on the end of a 2"x4" post.  End Caps better disperse the downward force of the shrinkwrap directly above support posts.  Bottom Caps better disperse the downward force of the support post on the object being wrapped.  Bottom Caps have small pads on their surface to reduce slippage of the support post's base.

Strap - A strap is essential for creating a structure or attachment points when shrinkwrapping boats and other objects.

Zipper Access Doors - provide quick entry into a shrinkwrap enclosure. Useful for inspection hatches, full or limited access doors are a great solution for lifting points, tie-down rings, or any other quick access through a shrink wrap installation.

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