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Shrink Wrap Strapping Tool

By November 16, 2020 845 Views No comments

Strap Tensioning Tool

Strapping Tools are an essential element to the shrink wrapping process

Many shrink wrap projects can benefit from adding straps but many people are not applying straps with a tensioning tool. Some projects that benefit from straps include securing a pallet, preparing loads for transit, and of course boat wrapping.

Many DIYers use trucker knots to secure straps but we recommend using a tensioning tool to ensure straps are mechanically tight.

If you are planning on wrapping your boat this winter be sure to add ½ inch strapping, ¾ inch strapping, buckles, and a strap tensioning tool to your cart. Many people don’t realize the importance of using different sized strapping for different applications. Use the ¾ inch strapping for the center strap and use the ½ inch strapping for parts of the structure on the top and for belly bands. At Mr. Shrinkwrap we offer smaller roles at affordable prices so you won’t have excess strapping but you can complete your job with a professional finish.

Why use a strap tensioning tools?

For boat wrapping applications making the center strap tight is very important and to do that without a tensioning tool and self-locking metal buckles is virtually impossible. It is also important to secure belly bands to avoid cresting of the shrink wrap.

What is cresting?

In short, cresting is when the shrink wrap puts tension on the strap creating an arch or crest. If you don’t use the tensioning tool the strap still has enough slack in it and it causes the shrink of the shrink wrap to pull up the wrap.

Cresting is bad because it creates spots on the boat that are exposed to sunlight which may lead to uneven weathering. Mr. Shrinkwrap recommends that belly bands are placed 3-5 feet apart on boats.

How to use the strap tensioning tool

Once the strap has been fed through the metal buckle and tightened by hand, the tensioning tool can then be used to further tighten the strap to your desired tension. The tensioning tool features a durable design with few moving parts.

Strapping Infographic

When to use the strap tensioning tool

Mr. Shrinkwrap's On-Site Services Team has been using tensioning tools for years for many applications, and they are a must-have - especially when shrink wrapping large equipment for open-road travel.

We recommend using the Strap Tensioning Tool when installing the greatest load-bearing strap for your shrink wrap installation. This would be the peak or center strap on boats, and the belt or perimeter strap on industrial equipment and vehicles.

Mr. Shrinkwrap’s strap tensioning tool is ON SALE! Save over $25 on yours today!

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