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What Thickness of Shrink Wrap is Best for Outdoor Storage?

By October 12, 2020 846 Views No comments

Shrink wrap is an extremely versatile product that allows you to protect outdoor items such as boats, furniture, and other equipment. It also allows you to transport pallets, boxes, and a wide range of items effectively and efficiently. Offering protection from the elements and shipping/transporting of a wide range of products, shrink wrap is designed to provide solutions to everyday problems with a simple and easy installation process. Knowing what size to select for your in your marine or industrial needs is also important to ensure a successful wrapping project.

It can seem like a simple decision but it is important to know some basic facts about shrink wrap sizes before purchasing shrink wrap for your next project.

What is a MIL?

A mil is a unit of measurement used to determine thickness. 1mil is equal to .001 (1/1000) inch.

Mr. Shrinkwrap offers shrink wrap in the range of 2-12 mil and each has a very specific use. Check out our Mr. Shrinkwrap Advisor Tip on how to select the right size for your next project:

  • 6 Mil shrink wrap is our standard thickness for seasonal protection of outdoor furniture and other light-duty applications. Good for milder winters. It can be used to wrap boats, shed frames, pallets, and machinery that will be stored rather than transported.
  • 7 Mil shrink wrap is the most common thickness used and is typically found in marine applications like protecting boats and personal watercrafts (pwc). 7 Mil is also used for small to midsize scaffolding covers, crates, small equipment, and short-distance road travel. This shrink wrap is able to handle harsher winters with moderate snow.
  • 8 Mil shrink wraps are used for covering large boats, large scaffolding, medium-to-large size equipment, or if the object to be wrapped has considerably sharp edges. These thicker films are more puncture-resistant and can sustain higher levels of heat during the shrinking process. This wrap can be used for both storage and transportation.
  • 10 Mil shrink wrap is our first choice for wrapping heavy equipment for road transportation and is also well suited for industrial or construction/renovation applications such as temporary walls and dust barriers, and the protection of valuable equipment or rough materials for long-term storage.
  • 9 Mil and 12 Mil flame retardant shrink wrap is the thickest shrink wrap available and is ideal for building and scaffolding enclosure. 9Mil is for interior use and 12Mil is for exterior use. (More specifically this shrinkwrap is self- extinguishing).

Mr. Shrinkwrap Advisor Pro Tip: Different thicknesses of shrink wrap are more suitable for certain applications, but with proper preparation, any thickness of shrink wrap can be used for nearly any application. It is recommended to use thicker shrink wrap for long-distance road travel and heavy-duty applications.

Find all of Mr. Shrinkwrap’s shrink wraps by Mil HERE

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