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Holes Happen

By November 9, 2020 21448 Views No comments

With any shrink wrap project, holes are always a possibility.

Mr. Shrinkwrap has all the tips and tricks to shrink wrap hole prevention and repair.

When preventing holes, preparation is key. Prior to shrink wrapping your boat or other assets, be sure to examine the surface and locate any sharp corners, edges, or protruding metal such as screws. Once areas of concern are identified, place pieces of ¼ inch foam padding on each and tape to secure.

Let’s Talk Padding and Tape

Prior to shrink wrapping your boat or other asset be sure to apply padding to prevent chafing against the wrap. Padding can be used as-is or can be folded in half to double up on protection. Depending on the protrusion you are covering a double layer might be necessary, especially for long term storage. Mr. Shrinkwrap experts recommend using a 6x6 piece of foam padding to easily fold in half and cover any object.

When taping down foam padding, be sure to always use preservation tape. This is so very important because preservation tape does not leave an adhesive residue that can damage your boat or other assets (In comparison: think about duct tape and the residue it can leave behind after being applied to an object and is left in the sun and elements for months...YUCK! This is what you will avoid by only using preservation tape). The adhesive in preservation tape also has a UV inhibitor so it is not impacted by sunlight or extended exposure.

Foam padding is used on industrial objects and boats, specifically, corners of the windshield (recommended to fold the padding in half), antenna brackets, hardtops/t-tops with rod holders, and padding small screws (along the rail).

Pro Tip!

Cover any objects that might get hot during the shrink wrap process with foam padding. Any protruding items including nozzles, pipes, brackets, and corners should all be padded. Any metal pieces that will be touching the shrink wrap for a long period of time should be padded.

How to Repair a Hole

Pro tip: place the patch behind the hole and only use tape over the hole

When a hole inevitably occurs, there are a few quick and easy steps to repair and keep your cover strong and durable all offseason.

Pro tip: for small holes, use a scrap piece of shrink wrap to prevent tape from touching the boat. Open the hole a little wider to insert scrap piece behind, hold it in place while you stick the tape over the hole, and ensure the tape adheres to the shrink wrap scrap instead of the boat.

If your hole is larger than a small opening, use leftover shrink wrap or cut small “patches” of shrink wrap (approximately 2”-3” larger than the hole, if possible place behind the hole instead of on top of it.) and place on the hole. Then use shrink film tape to secure the patch stays in place. All edges of the patch should be completely covered with tape. Once the tape is in place, slightly warm with a heat gun to ensure the tape adheres and tightens. This patch will hold perform as good as new. Pro Tip: Be sure to clean the area around the hole prior to repairing.

Be sure to add 4" preservation tape and foam padding to your cart for every shrink wrapping project. These items are essential to prevent and repair shrink wrap holes.

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