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Product Packaging Equipment - Products Below

Eastey Combo Seal and Shrink System

Product Packaging Equipment is used to wrap and protect items using materials like Polyolefin Films and PVC Shrink Bands.
To seal or weld Polyolefin film around an item by hand, tools like Jaw Sealers, Hand Irons, Magic Wand Systems, or Impulse Bar Sealers are used.
L-Bar Sealers are used to more efficiently weld the plastic film around the item being wrapped. After being wrapped in the film, a source of heat is applied to shrink the film tightly around the item.

The source of heat for shrinking the films and bands are typically Electric Heat Guns for low-volume operations, or Heat Tunnel Machines for high-volume operations.

For the most streamlined and efficient shrink wrapping of items, Combo Seal and Shrink Systems are available.  These units combine L-Bar Sealers and Heat Tunnels into a single unit.
With the addition of Accumulator Tables or Gravity Conveyors to reduce bottlenecked areas of the process, the number of units wrapped and processed in a day can soar to new heights.

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