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Zipper Access for Shrink Wrap Project Acccess 7' Straight Zipper

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Zipper Access for Shrink Wrap Project Acccess 7' Straight Zipper

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7' Self-Adhesive Straight Zipper
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SKU: MSW-810-07

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7' Self-Adhesive Straight Zipper

Straight Zippers are a great solution for gaining access under your shrink wrap without compromising the integrity of your wrap.  Featuring peel-away strips which reveal the Straight Zipper's self-adhesive backing, installing the Straight Zipper is quick and easy.  Once it is installed, the Straight Zipper will provide access as necessary for the life of the shrink wrap.

Note: The material of this Straight Zipper is not meant to be heated.  Applying heat to the Straight Zipper may result in damage to, or failure of the zipper.

Easy Installation Instructions:

To install a Straight Zipper on your project, make sure that all shrinking of the shrink wrap is complete.  Then, position the zipper where you'd like to install it.  Be sure press against the shrink wrap to be sure that the Straight Zipper won't be installed directly above an obstruction.  Next, carefully peel away the strips on the bottom of the zipper to reveal the adhesive backing of the Straight Zipper.  Place the zipper onto your shrink wrap where you'd like it and press the adhesive firmly onto the shrink wrap.  Finally, unzip the zipper and carefully cut a slice in the shrink wrap between the two halves of the zipper.

Mr. Shrinkwrap recommends applying UV Preservation Tape to protect the Straight Zipper from damage over time caused by the Sun's UV rays, and to further secure the edges of the Straight Zipper to the shrink wrap for projects intended to last more than 6 months.


Be sure to look at Mr. Shrinkwrap's Shrink Wrap Installation Supplies page for Crosswoven Strap, Vents, or other items you might need for your project. If you don’t have a heat tool, you can pick one out for yourself here, or you can Rent a Heat Tool from Mr. Shrinkwrap.

Mr. Shrinkwrap is a leading distributor of protective products, shrink wrap films and installation supplies with a dedicated team available to take your order at any time of day. We have several experienced shrink wrap installation technicians on staff to help and support you on various aspects of any shrink wrap project. If you would like to place an order over the phone or have questions for us, give Mr. Shrinkwrap a call at 800-847-5290.

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