Types of Industrial Shrink Wrap and Common Applications

Standard UV Inhibiting Shrink Wrap
All colors include UV inhibitors tested for effectiveness for up to six months. 


6 mil shrink wrap - versatile enough for both shipping, storage and boat shrink wrap applications, use our six mil shrink film on smaller industrial or commercial appliations and on many sizes of boats in more moderate climate where heavy snow is infrequent. Perfect for winter storage of jet skis / pwc's and patio furniture and other outdoor items around the yard.

7 mil Shrink Wrap - the most common thickness for winter storage of boats and many commercial applications, 7 mil provides the strength to hold snow on any size boat when properly installed, great for anything being stored outdoors for under a year and smaller items in transit. 

8 mil Shrink Wrap - when the extra mil means peace of mind we have the wrap that keeps you covered

10 mil Shrink Wrap - the top choice for transportation shrink wrapping, especially larger items travelling longer distance. We always recommend ten mil film for boats being hauled at highway speeds. 

Flame Retardant Shrink Films
Conform to NFPA 701 Testing Standards for use on Scaffolding and Temoporary Shelters in Work Areas


9 mil FR Shrink Wrap - Great for interior containments made from shrink wrap, seal off an area under construction or create a temporary ceiling that looks clean and provides an initial level of security to a contained area. 


12 mil FR Shrink Wrap - The strongest wrap that we carry is used mainly on exterior construction containments as well as on the largest transporation wrapping projects, especially when the wrapping job is completed in an indoor, contained environment. 

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