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Shrink Wrap Tape - Products Below

Heat Shrink Tape is a conformable, tough, waterproof tape with a very tacky adhesive which bonds best to clean surfaces.  It has exceptional tensile strength as well as good tear characteristics, which contribute to the tape’s quality and ease of use.  Heat Shrink Tape’s primary uses include reinforcing shrink wrap seams or fusions, patching small holes in the shrink wrap, holding Vents in place more securely, and attaching zipper-access doors when your project is nearly complete.  Most of the Shrink Wrap tape we offer comes in three colors: White, Blue, or Clear.  We assure you that the Heat Shrink Tape we offer is of the best quality.  Our Heat Shrink Tape is pliable, stretchable, and reliable.

If you can't find the Tape you need, put in a request for a customized Tape order! See our Custom Tapes page Here.

Note:  Please be aware that Heat Shrink Tape can fall victim to UV damage over time, as it possesses less anti-UV properties than Shrink Wrap material.  Consider that Preservation Tape is made to better withstand UV rays, but has adhesive which is less tacky than Heat Shrink Tape.

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