Shrink Tunnels

Heat Tunnels are used to shrink materials like Polyolefin Films which have been sealed around a product/object. To seal or weld Polyolefin film around an item by hand, tools like Jaw SealersHand IronsMagic Wand Systems, or Impulse Bar Sealers are used. L-Bar Sealers are used to weld the plastic film around the item being wrapped. After being wrapped in the film, a source of heat is applied to shrink the film tightly around the item.

The source of heat for shrinking the films and bands is typically Electric Heat Guns for low-volume operations, or Heat Tunnel Machines for high-volume operations.

For the most streamlined and efficient shrink wrapping of items, Combo Seal and Shrink Systems are available.  These units combine L-Bar Sealers and Heat Tunnels into a single unit. With the addition of Accumulator Tables or Gravity Conveyors to reduce bottlenecked areas of the process, the number of units wrapped and processed in a day can soar to new heights.

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