Custom Sewn Shrink Wrap Covers

Possibly the best packaging option for large finished items.

When an immediate and highly efficient shrink wrap packaging process is required for larger items, longer production runs or outdoor storage, our custom covers are a great solution. Contact us today with the shipping dimensions of your item and we will provide the best custom options for your shrink wrap application. For best results we will ask you for photos and any technical drawings that may be available for the item to best fit your cover to the item.

•   Custom-fit covers can be fitted with zippers, Velcro or other components to your needs
•   Non-abrasive nonwoven lining protects surface finishes from scratches
•   Inner lining reduces condensation associated film enclosures
•   Stand-alone product — no bubble wrap, micro-foam, or any other product is needed.
•   The heat shrinkable covers provide a tight fit so that the cover will stay on during transportation or storage
•  Use indoors without heat for extended life
•   Easy to apply in just a few minutes.
•   Can be removed quickly and easily.
•   In many cases is reusable.

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