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Ensure speed and strength for your packaging!

When you're shipping an item, having confidence in the box you've sealed up is important.  Not only do you want confidence in your packaging's strength, but you also want the appearance of your packaging to make a good first impression on the receiver as well.  It's easy to see that a neatly packed and strongly secured box will inspire confidence in the receiver when they think about requesting another shipment.  Using Tape Dispensers allows you to seal your boxes quickly and with much greater burst and tear resistance than the traditional clear or brown plastic packaging tape.  A traditional handheld tape dispenser gun can get the job done, but a high-quality machine that dispenses Water-Activated Reinforced Gummed Tape helps to get the job done even faster and with a stronger seal than multiple layers of traditional packaging tape.  Explore the Tape Dispensers below and take your shipping procedure to the next level!

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