Reinforced Gummed Tape with Print

Reinforced Gummed Tape is a fantastic option for securely sealing boxes for shipping.  The water-activated adhesive forms a great bond with the box and the reinforcing filaments between the two layers of Kraft paper provide your box with increased anti-burst strength.

Our Reinforced Gummed Tape can be considered a 3-layer tape - excluding the adhesive layer.  The top and bottom layers are made of Kraft paper which has a natural, brown color.  For those in the know, the weights of those top and bottom layers of Kraft paper are 25/23.  Between those two layers of Kraft paper are the reinforcing filaments which give the tape its increased strength.  The reinforcing filaments are arranged as (1-1-1-1-1-1) in the "machine direction".  Additionally, a 1.25" on-center diamond-patterned filament also runs throughout the tape for even more reinforcing strength and resistance to tearing.

These Reinforced Gummed Tapes are typically used for "Medium Duty" applications such as the sealing of boxes that have a total weight of 30-40 pounds.
**These Reinforced Gummed Tapes with Print do not come on a core.**

If you can't find the Tape you need, submit a request for customized Tape!  See our Custom Tapes page Here!

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