PolyPro Tapes with Print

Stock Printed PolyPro (polypropylene) Tape is a great adhesive-backed product with a wide range of marking and indicating applications. Make it clear that a box contains a fragile item, provide a safety warning to passers-by, or make your packaging more interesting with a printed design on your tape.

PolyPro Tape has an oil-based polypropylene film as its top layer which is 1.9 mil thick and has a release coat on its surface to provide greater ease when pulling the tape away from the roll. A tacky adhesive coating is on the underside of the PolyPro tape.

A tape dispenser can be used with PolyPro tapes. The inner core diameter of PolyPro tapes is 3".

If you can't find the Tape you need, submit a request for customized Tape!  See our Custom Tapes page Here!

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