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Mr. Shrinkwrap offers Contract Packaging or Co-Packing services to help streamline our customers' value chain. We use our in-house sealers and heat tunnel machines in conjunction with high-quality film to pack the items you need either bundled, multi-macked, or wrapped individually. We specialize in small batch services and have the capabilities to receive and marshall all of your goods to put together your project in a short turnaround.


Cost Benefits

There are numerous benefits when utilizing a contract packaging service. When you work with a contract packaging service, you are ensuring that your business begins with a competitive per-unit cost. Hiring a contractor means that you also avoid large start-up costs while gaining valuable knowledge regarding your required scope of work, scheduling, and potential training or labor costs. This sort of information is extremely valuable when planning for the future and considering your organization's bottom line. Additionally, you will save space in your facility by taking advantage of the contractor's equipment.

Quality Assurance

Our contract packaging service is here to ensure your products get the proper attention they deserve. We check and double-check our machine settings and output quality throughout the packaging process. If an individual product's packaging doesn't appear as we would like it to, we take the wrapping off and wrap it again until our quality standards are met. Attention to detail is important to us and we have high standards in that regard.


We have been shrink wrapping for years and we're always looking for ways to better serve our clients. Open, honest, and effective communication with a helpful and patient team are just some of the reasons why we have return customers. If there's ever a time when we come across a question for which we don't have the answer, we have many partners in the industry who can help us find a solution for you.

Convenient Location

Just a few minutes off I-95, near the Philadelphia Airport, our location is easily accessible by box trucks and even large tractor-trailers.

Our Capabilities

With many adjustments available to maximize the completed piece count per minute, our in-house HDX350 Heavy Duty Combo Seal and Shrink System by Heat Seal are very capable of meeting the demands of nearly any product packaging request. Our system is equipped with Syfan polyolefin to shrink film, an L-Bar hot knife exact seal system, a non-stick conveyor, and a MaxAir heat tunnel to evenly shrink the polyolefin film around the wrapped product. Adjustable heat tunnel temperature control and adjustable conveyor speeds ensure that Mr. Shrinkwrap can find the sweet spot that will provide your products with a smooth, strong, and tight wrap. The final result will be a tight polyolefin shrink wrap around your product which is suitable for a display shelf or for shipping directly to a customer as a tamper-evident and moisture-resistant layer. Further, as you'll read below, Mr. Shrinkwrap can also palletize your products and ship them with LTL carriers to your desired destination. With two loading docks at our warehouse located just south of Philadelphia, Mr. Shrinkwrap is in a prime location to package and ship your products where ever they need to go.

Re-Packing, Co-Packing, and Palletization

Here at Mr. Shrinkwrap, we ship products all over the world, and we understand that procedures that are efficient are also the most cost-effective and produce the best results for both the buying customer and the selling company. If simple Re-Packaging is all that's needed, we will shrink wrap your products in polyolefin shrink film and have them ready to be returned to you in a tight, new wrap. Mr. Shrinkwrap can also help your process become more efficient by Co-Packing for you. When Co-Packing, we will place your products into boxes or containers which you provide, and then we will continue with the shrink-wrapping process after we've packaged your product. After your products are wrapped, your products will be ready to be returned to you. Mr. Shrinkwrap can help your procedure reach the next level and become even more streamlined and efficient with our Palletization and LTL shipping services. As your products are wrapped, we will stack them on pallets, secure them, and have them ready to be picked up at our docks by an LTL freight carrier. By co-packing, shrink wrapping, and palletizing your products, then shipping them to your location of choice, we can help you minimize the shipping and labor costs of getting your products to their destination.


Important! - Product Size Constraints
For Mr. Shrinkwrap to wrap your product in polyolefin shrink film, your product needs to be able to fit into our machine. Keep in mind, if the product is rectangular or oblong, the product can be rotated or flipped if necessary to fit into our L-Bar Sealer and Heat Tunnel. Our L-Bar's maximum sealing area is 23 inches by 19 inches, and our Heat Tunnel has a height of 10 inches.

This means that your product must be 23"L x 19"W x 10"H or smaller. Again, this can be achieved by rotation or flipping of the product if necessary.


We enjoy helping you reach your goals!

If you would like to schedule or get a quote for your products to be shrink wrapped, or if you have any questions about the process, please give us a call at 800-847-5290. We look forward to helping you meet your needs!

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