Polyolefin Heat Shrink Films - Frequently Asked Questions

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- Which competitive films are comparable to the different styles of Syfan Sytec Polyolefin Heat Shrink Films?

A - The table below lists a handful of films that are comparable to each type of Syfan film we carry.  You can see the Sytec brand with the comparable films listed directly below.


Comparable Films

Sytec® 307S

Sytec® MVP

Sytec® 701

Sytec® 701D

Cryovac® MPD

Cryovac® D940

Cryovac® D955

Cryovac® D955, 125, 150

Cryovac® CT-700 Series

Cryovac® CT-500 Series

Cryovac® CT-300 Series

Cryovac® CorrTuff

Clysar® EHC, CHS

Clysar® LE

Clysar® HPG

Cryovac® CT-307, 308

Intertape® HSP

Opti® 210

Clysar® BB2

Clysar® HPG 125, 150

Opti® 110

Bollore® BRX

Intertape® GPS, GPL

Clysar® ShrinkBox

Bollore® BX, BY, BBT+

Zhongda® Z101

Opti® 200


Vanguard® CXV


Bollore® BCL

Uline® Standard

Vanguard® CCL

Zhongda® ZDF01

Uline® Deluxe

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