Heat Gun Rental - Shrinkfast 998 - Use for seven days and return to us.

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The Shrinkfast 998 Heat Gun is propane operated and comes ready to use with 25' hose, regulator and carrying case.
**Deposit Required of $484. Deposit refunded upon return of rental unit.

Product Description

The Shrinkfast 998 Heat Gun is propane operated and comes ready to use with 25' hose, regulator and carrying case. This model 998 is somewhat different from the Shrinkfast 975 in that it is lighter and more efficient.

Your seven-day rental period begins the day after you receive the tool, return shipment must be placed in mail on the 7th day. Keeping the rental longer than 7 days will result in an additional $95.00 charge for each additional week*. We can email you a UPS return shipping label if you would like. Drop off the sealed and labeled rental box at any UPS pickup location*.

Special Offer - Heat gun rental fees paid* by customer can be credited toward the purchase of a propane heat gun** of equal or greater value.
(This special offer is valid up to one year from your rental order date.)
*Credited amount will be for accumulated rental fees paid only. ($95 per week as noted above.) Discounts subtracted from rental fees will not be applied to credit.
**Propane Heat Guns Only!

Return Address:
Mr. Shrinkwrap
660 13th Avenue, Bldg 4
Prospect Park, PA 19076


Please note that a majority of the heat tools in our rental inventory are new tools***, retailing for $579. If you like your rented heat gun and want to keep it we will honor the warranty for up to one year from the rental date and email you a receipt for the additional $484. This is a deal that you cannot beat, great for the first time shrink wrapping or to shrink wrap a one time project.

(*Customer pays return shipping cost.
**Deposit: $484
*** We cannot guarantee that you will receive a brand-new rental unit. Rental units are replaced/restocked as they are bought or are otherwise taken out of our rental service.








Mr. ShrinkWrap Tool Rental Policy

Minimum Rental Age

Customer must be 18 years or older to rent tools from Mr. ShrinkWrap.

Rental Period

Rental Rate of $95/week per Heat Tool begins the day the equipment arrives at customer’s door. Customer has 7 days from the equipment’s day of arrival to place the tool back in the mail using a courier of their choice. (For example, if customer receives rental tool on a Tuesday, the customer has until the following Tuesday to place the rental tool back in the mail in order to avoid additional charges).

Late Fees

Customers who keep rental tool will be charged an additional $95 for every week item is kept past the one week period up to the full retail price of the product.


Customer shall follow all operation guidelines provided with equipment. Customer shall follow all safety practices while in operation.

Loss, Theft, Damage, or Destruction

Customer shall provide and maintain protection against loss, theft, damage, or destruction of rental tool. If rental tool is lost or broken beyond repair, customer will forfeit entire deposit made prior to purchase.

Reasonable Wear and Tear

Customer is responsible for any changes in the condition of the rental tool during the rental period, reasonable wear and tear excepted. Reasonable wear and tear is only the normal deterioration of equipment caused by ordinary and reasonable use in an 8 hour day/40 hour work week.

Repair Fees

If rental tool is found to be damaged, customer will forfeit a portion of the security deposit in the amount of the cost to repair up to the retail price of the equipment. Customers will also be charged labor for repairs at a rate of $60/hour. All additional fees will be itemized on a separate invoice and sent to customer upon completion.

 Links For Your Reference
998 Manual
998 Brochure


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