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Girotondo AC 2.4 Automatic Mobile Stretch Wrapping Machine

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Girotondo AC 2.4 Automatic Mobile Stretch Wrapping Machine

Quick Overview

The Girotondo Automatic Mobile Stretch Wrapping Machine never stops. Two battery packs and full autonomous capability.

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SKU: MSW-PM-20020

Availability: In stock

Ships From: Miami Florida


Girotondo AC 2.4 Automatic Mobile Stretch Wrapping Machine

*If you're interested in the Girotondo, Call to ask about a free trial - all you'll pay is shipping!  800-847-5290

The Girotondo Automatic Mobile Stretch Wrapping Machine never stops. To get unlimited autonomy it’s required only to alternate the battery pack with a secondary battery pack. The quick battery pack changing system allows the user to charge one battery while the other is still powering the machine.

The Girotondo comes with a powered, pre-stretch carriage that provides pre-stretching of the stretch wrap 100% (option 200%). Utilizing the Girotondo can cut the costs of packaging in half. The Girotondo is ideal for light and unstable products. It wraps any pallet anywhere it’s required in your warehouse.


GIROTONDO AC 2.4 - Technical Specifications:

  • Minimum Pallet Size: 30" x 30"
  • Clearance Required: 44" around pallet
  • Minimum Pallet Weight: About 330 pounds
  • Stretching ratio 100% (Adjustable)
  • Quick film loading system
  • Supplied with 2 batteries 24V – 42 Ah
  • Battery charger included
  • Battery charger supply 100-230 VAC
  • Battery will last an average of 80 pallets
  • Pallet height by photocell or altimeter
  • Rotation adjustment up and downward speed
  • Separate adjustment for top & bottom rounds
  • Eight wrapping cycles + eight presets
  • Semi-Automatic cycle for irregular pallet
  • Flashing light and beeper for cycle start
  • Spool carriage anti-falling system
  • Suitable for stretch films of 2” – 3” diameter core
  • Maximum stretch film roll diameter: 10”
  • Manual film cutting device

Adjustable parameters from Control Panel

  • Rotation speed
  • Upward carriage speed
  • Downward carriage speed
  • Number of bottom rounds
  • Number of top rounds
  • Photocell delay
  • Load height and photocell exclusion
  • Film tension adj. differentiated in each phase of the cycle
  • 8 user programs
  • Up and down cycle
  • Only up cycle
  • Only down cycle
  • Alternated cycle
  • Up and down, top sheet cycle
  • Only up top sheet cycle
  • Up and down cycle with reinforcements wraps
  • Only up cycle with reinforcements wraps
  • Manual use cycle

The Girotondo ships as two crates.
Crate A: 53” x 38” x 36” H, Wt: 528 lb.

Crate B: 97” x 20” x 20” H, Wt: 260 lb

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