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When disaster strikes, Mr. Shrinkwrap is ready to step in and aid in the recovery & damage restoration process with our shrink wrap repair. Oftentimes when tarps are used to cover a damaged roof, they leak or blow off leaving further damage to be done. With shrink wrap for repairs, we can provide an air and water-tight barrier from the weather, allowing the homeowner and insurance company to move forward with the recovery process while having the peace of mind that shrink wrapping can offer. 

Our teams have to shrink wrapped damage on commercial and residential buildings of all sizes and shapes for a variety of purposes and with excellent results. Our shrink wrap jobs have lasted considerably longer than originally thought necessary by several construction customers saving them from a rushed alternative solution, damages, and additional delays. Our crews are trained for productivity and safety and are well-supervised during all aspects of every project that we take on.

As a national company with both supplies and services, we can quickly mobilize our teams and route the necessary materials to a job site within hours. Contact us today to discuss your project, we typically request photos and or drawings where available to best gain an understanding of your situation and to best understand the requirements for the most effective solution. We understand the need for discretion in many situations given the sensitive nature of many constructions and or insurance-related situations, Mr. Shrinkwrap will work with all parties involved to provide the most positive outcome for our customer. Fill out the form or call us at 800-847-5290 to discuss your project today.

Storm Damaged Roof Shrink-Wrapped by Mr. Shrinkwrap


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Shrink Wrap Services for Storm Damage Protection

During damage restoration, shrink wrap can prove to be a highly effective and economical way to prevent further damage through exposure to the elements. Mr. ShrinkWrap has shrink wrapped commercial buildings, homes, roofs, and walls that have been damaged by storms and need to be protected from the weather. The inconvenience and cost of replacing tarps even one time make shrink wrap the choice of damage restoration professionals and insurance companies and adjusters.

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