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Transportation or Storage Shrink Wrapping for Large Items

When transporting flatbed truckloads of any type of sensitive item, the condition of the finished product upon arrival depends very much on the cover and the preparation of the item for transport over the road. Mr. Shrinkwrap provides products and/or shrink wrap services that will help to make your product’s packaging consistent with your corporate values and to enhance the corporate image that is instilled in your customer when they first see your product. Shrink packaging large products or bulky items is an economical and attractive method for packaging. The shrink wrap process is less time consuming than conventional methods and can be used in conjunction with pallets, crates or on a flat-bed truck. Call us today with any questions you may have at 800-847-5290.

Shrink Wrapping Idle Equipment and Raw Material for Storage

Production and warehousing space is expensive when used for storing items that are not in use for production; Mr. Shrinkwrap has the experience to help your company free up this valuable space for productive uses by preparing your idle equipment or raw materials for storage in the great outdoors.

Shrink Wrap Training On Your Finished Product

When you decide to implement the shrink wrap process, our on-site shrink wrapping training program can have an average site staff up and running in less than one day with on of our expert training professionals. Interested in speeding up the process? We can help you with the right mix of equipment and shrink wrap or shrink bags, give us a call today.

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