Crosswoven Poly Strapping is a dependable material to use for securing your Shrink Wrap to an object. The strap can be held in place using hand-tied knots, or if more tension needs to be applied, a Self-Locking Metal Buckle and Tensioning Tool may be used. It's important to keep a distance from the strap when applying heat to your project with a Heat Gun, as the strapping can easily melt under intense, direct heat. Mr. Shrinkwrap's installation technicians have used Crosswoven Poly Strapping to secure Shrink Wrap to objects such as boats, shipping containers, HVAC units, and more. Another very common use of strapping is for pulling shrinkwrap up and over an object.  Our technicians know the value of this dependable material.  

We invite you to experience the security provided by this tough strap for yourself!

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