Food Tray Overwrappers

Overwrappers are pieces of equipment that are frequently used in the food service industry to make the process of wrapping items in PVC and other food-grade films much quicker and easier. Most overwrappers have an axle or other roll-holding system to keep the roll of film in place while the film is dispensed. The film is then guided below a table, below where the item(s) to be wrapped are placed. The film is then pulled up between the operator and the items. Then, the operator guides the film over the top of the items and tucks the film below the items on the far side of the operator. The items are then lifted with the top side covered, pulled toward the operator, and set down on a hot plate. The film is trimmed, and the loose ends of the film are tucked under the item. The packaged item is then pressed against the hot plate to secure the ends of the film to the bottom of the item which provides a functional and attractive final result. A properly overwrapped package is completely sealed and free of leaks.

Food Tray Overwrapper

Overwrappers are ideal and most commonly used for covering and containing items on a tray. Most commonly, overwrappers are used in the food industry to wrap, cover, and secure various meats, dairy, and produce. Other common items like candy, gift sets, and soup containers can be wrapped using overwrappers as well. Benefits of overwrapping include reduced packaging costs, extended shelf life, attractive packaging, keeping perishable items fresh, easily opened, and tamper-evident packaging.

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