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Shrinkfast 998 Heat Gun Trigger/Igniter Assembly - Part# 17-18

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Shrinkfast 998 Heat Gun Trigger/Igniter Assembly - Part# 17-18

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Shrinkfast 998 Heat Gun Trigger/Igniter Assembly

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Shrinkfast 998 Heat Gun Trigger/Igniter Assembly - Part# 17/18

*This assembly comes as one piece.  The Piezo Igniter cannot be purchased separately from the Trigger.

The Shrinkfast 998 Heat Gun Trigger/Igniter Assembly (Part# 17/18 on the diagram) compresses the plunger on the Valve Assembly (part #22) to allow fuel to flow into the heat gun's system. At the same time, the trigger also compresses the attached piezo igniter which creates an electrical current which travels up the attached ignition wire, leading up to and inside of the Body (part #10) and Socket (part #27). The Contact Screw (part #25) screws through the ignition wire and into the socket to make a secure connection. It is important to squeeze this trigger/igniter somewhat slowly to allow the two steps to happen at slightly different times. The trigger should open the valve first, allowing propane to flow through the gun, followed closely by the creation of the spark to ignite the gas which should now be at the front of the heat gun.  The Trigger has a spring that returns it to the original resting position when it is released.

About the Piezo Igniter
When you click the piezo igniter trigger, it hammers on a crystal (usually quartz,) which creates voltage that travels up the ignition wire and leads to a spark at the spark plug, which ignites the propane gas into a flame.  Over time, as the piezoelectric crystal is repeatedly hammered to create voltage, the crystal will slowly wear down and output lesser voltage.  Eventually, the crystal will wear down to a point where the voltage will not be strong enough to ignite the propane.  It's estimated that it will take somewhere between 10,000 to 15,000 clicks of the trigger before the voltage becomes significantly weakened.

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