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Why Choose Nelson Wrap Dispensers?

The Nelson Wrap Dispenser has been designed with the operator’s back in mind. It is not uncommon to find shipping department employees bending over in awkward positions, or walking backwards around a skid in an attempt to properly wrap a load while using traditional hand-held dispensers. These practices are obviously unsafe. In contrast, the Nelson Wrap Dispenser is designed with a safety first approach. By removing the need to bend down to wrap low loads, or reach up to wrap high loads, the Nelson Wrap Dispenser becomes a remarkable back saver. It allows the operator to wrap a skid in a natural, forward motion. The Nelson Wrap Dispenser is changing the market and bringing to it greatly improved ergonomics. The linear construction, combined with self oiling materials and consistent action, allows for a load to be quickly and easily double-wrapped. An operator-adjusted tension control, paired with a hand brake, assure you the tightest wrap needed for your particular application. The Nelson Wrap Dispenser—the dispenser you’re guaranteed to lean on!


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