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Leonardo Robotic Pallet Wrapper with Telescopic Column

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Leonardo Robotic Pallet Wrapper with Telescopic Column

Quick Overview

Leonardo can autonomously stretch wrap palletized items of nearly any size. Leonardo's programming is adjustable to fit many applications.

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Leonardo Robotic Pallet Wrapper with Telescopic Column


    • Electric Power-Assisted Steering
      • It drastically reduces the working area in comparison with traditional self-propelled wrapping robots
    • Controls Integrated in the Steering Drive-System
      • Possibility to pre-program up to 6 different cycles
    • Overall Dimensions and Reduced Weight
      • Indicatively 50% less than the traditional robots
    • Easy Shipment
      • The machine is dispatched ready to work without parts to be assembled
    • Telescopic Mast
      • To allow an easier handling of the machine within the working areas and its shipment
    • Power Pre-Stretch
      • Film carriage equipped with a 100% power pre-stretch permitting a reduction on the quantity of film used
    • Lower Front Safety Bumper
      • It stops the machine in case of eventual crash with any obstacle during the rotation
    • Gel Batteries, Dry and Sealed, Maintenance-Free
    • They do not require specific areas for the re-charging, and do not emit acid fumes. Battery life of up to 70 hours.
    • Non-Marking Wheels with High Traction
    • These polyurethane non-marking wheels permit to operate the machine on clear, bright and partially slippery surfaces
    • Intuitive and Easy-use Control Panel
      • Very easy setting and the regulation of the different working parameters



Working Functions Descriptions

      • 6 Memorable programs
      • Recall stored programs
      • Speed ​​adjustment for descent of the reel holder carriage
      • Adjustment of turns at the base
      • Adjusting turns at the top
      • Adjustment of reinforcement spins
      • Stretch Film Adjustment
      • Ascent / descent carriage cycle
      • Only up film carriage cycle
      • Offset adjustment at the top of the pallet
      • Photocell sensitivity adjustment
      • Exclusive drive-system with electric power-assisted steering
      • Control unit with PCB microprocessor and logic board
      • Gel maintenance-free and sealed batteries
      • Ergonomic touching wheel with reduced dimensions
      • Film carriage with built-in motorized power-prestretch system


Pallet Robot Comparison Leo Leonardo Leonardo SP
Power Supply 240V - 1Ph (110V) 240V - 1Ph (110V) 240V - 1Ph (110V)
Operating Area 29" 29"  45"
Machine Weight 432 lbs. 518 lbs. 661 lbs.
Maximum Pallet-Wrapping Height 78.7" 92.52" 86.61"
(106.29" w/ Extended Mast)
Mnimum Pallet Dimensions LxWxH 24"x24"x26" 28"x35"x20" 28"x28"x20"
Minimum Pallet Weight Approx. 175 lbs. Approx. 175 lbs. Approx. 175 lbs.
Rotating Speed 12 Seconds 12 Seconds 7 Seconds
Pallets Per Day Up to 40 Up to 70 140-150
Power Pre-Stretch N/A 100% 200%
Overall Shipment Dimensions LxWxH 32"x47"x88" 32"x47"x67" 64"x35"x95"
Maximum Pallet Dimensions No Limit No Limit No Limit
Maximum Pallet Weight No Limit No Limit No Limit
Note: Technical data subject to variations without prior notice.  The output depends on the operator and the type of package.



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