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Self-Adhesive Collision Wrap

By February 1, 2021 1078 Views No comments

Collision Wrap

What is Self-Adhesive Collision Wrap?

Collision Wrap (a.ka. windshield wrap or wreck wrap) allows the user to quickly and easily cover damaged areas with a watertight and UV resistant plastic film barrier. Self-Adhesive Collision Wrap is coated on one side with a high-tack adhesive and adheres to clean and dry surfaces such as metal, glass, or plastic, and to interior surfaces including fabric.

Collision wrap comes in four different roll widths: 18”, 24”, 36”, and 48” with lengths ranging from 100’ - 300’.

Pro Tip: While collision wrap can be used on interior surfaces it is not recommended for prolonged use. Mr. Shrinkwrap professionals advise not to leave the vehicle in direct sun or other hot environments to avoid any adhesive residue being left behind.

Who Benefits from Using Collision Wrap?

Collision wrap is primarily used by salvage companies, auto body repair businesses, dealerships, insurance agencies, and the trucking industry. By using collision wrap the value of the vehicle or other damaged equipment is preserved and is protected against further damage.

Collision wrap is especially useful when transporting a wrecked vehicle from one location to another. Depending on the type of damage, collision wrap prevents glass or other debris from falling off the vehicle and onto the road. It also helps keep loose parts from becoming dislodged and falling off during transit.

Collision wrap is also used while a vehicle or other equipment is being repaired but the damaged areas might be exposed to the elements including rain, dirt, snow, mildew, rust, or repair shop debris. While collision wrap is a temporary solution it is highly effective.

Key Features

  • Tough film
  • High-tack self-adhesive
  • Easy application
  • See-through clear plastic
  • 4 MIL thickness

Collision wrap keeps damaged vehicles and equipment safe from additional deterioration. Be sure to order your supply today!

To protect the surface of nearly anything with non-see-through film, try using Multi-Purpose Surface Protection Film instead. It offers a lot of the same great qualities and temporary protection but is made for new items and can be applied to metal, plastic, glass, fiberglass, and vinyl.

Contact Us Today!

The professionals at Mr. Shrinkwrap are always here to advise you on what products will work best for you. Please call us at: 1-866-824-5881


By January 25, 2021 851 Views No comments

Fact or Myth?

Myth: Winter weather has no impact on the function of a propane tank.

Fact: Propane contracts when it's cold. When it's extremely cold outside, the volume of propane inside your aboveground propane tank will shrink, which creates a loss of pressure.

Some people underestimate the effects of cold weather on propane tanks. When temperatures drop significantly (particularly into the negatives), propane tanks will lose pressure which can result in the propane not being able to reach the gas burner rendering it ineffective.

  • When the temperature of the gas reaches -44⁰ F, the propane no longer has the ability to convert into its gaseous form.
  • As the propane in the tank evaporates, the remaining liquid gets colder, combined with frigid outdoor temperatures the liquid propane can soon go below the freezing point of -44 inside the tank, which makes the tank unusable until thawed.
  • Cold temperatures still may also affect your propane pressure. If the pressure becomes too low, the propane inside your tank will not be able to reach your gas burner and can damage your heat tools.
  • Using a nearly empty propane tank is inefficient for shrink wrapping and can damage your heat tools. Remove tanks from service at 75-80% used.

Tips to Avoid Cold Weather Issues

  • Keep your propane tanks full. By maintaining a relatively full propane tank you will lessen the amount of shrinkage which will minimize the pressure loss.
  • Don’t cover your tank. It may seem like a good idea to wrap your tank in a typical insulated cover to maintain a warmer temperature, however, sunlight is a much more effective option.
    • If you do want to use a cover, Mr. Shrinkwrap recommends a PowerBlanket warmer.
  • Clear snow and ice from your outdoor propane tank. This includes regulators, vents, piping, and valves to prevent damage that could cause a gas leak.
  • Don’t pour warm water on the propane tank!

About PowerBlanket

Powerblanket products prevent fluids from freezing, protect critical materials and equipment, improve viscosity, optimize processes, keep personnel safe, and provide total temperature control and peace of mind.

PowerBlanket propane tank heaters provide a uniform barrier of heat across the entire tank. This heating solution reduces costs by optimizing temperatures and increasing propane tank efficiency.

Contact Us Today!

The professionals at Mr. Shrinkwrap are always here to advise you on what products will work best for you. Please call us at: 1-866-824-5881

Turbopack Shrink Wrap Heating Column by Ripack

By January 18, 2021 1526 Views No comments

Reduce manual pallet shrink wrapping times by over 60% safely and economically

The portable Turbopack Shrink Wrap Heating Column by Ripack is the ideal solution for growing pallet shrinking needs. Up to 150 pallets can be heat shrunk per day using this affordable machine.

If handheld heat shrink guns aren’t enough to cover the job but you are not ready to commit to an expensive and extensive production line, the Turbopack might be just what you need.

Key Features:
  • Adjustable - heating height from 47" up to 95" (86" with optional visor)
  • Mobility and speed - easily moves to the pallet and allows for quick wrapping
  • Safety - 2-step ignition process
Key Benefits:
  • More effective thanks to its power and its fast operation
  • Economical and flexible for unparalleled value for money

TurboPack Ripack

How it works

The Turbopack operates on a pivoting wheel system which allows for easy movement within a working space. The adjustable visor can be extended up to 2.4m (7.87 ft) height allowing for easy shrink wrapping of a variety of pallet sizes. Once the height has been adjusted simply close the shut-off valve to secure the visor and then begin shrink wrapping. Pallets can be shrunk in as little as 60 seconds.

The trolley can hold up to 3 13kg gas bottles with each bottle able to shrink 60 pallets. This makes the Turbopack a low gas consumption (aka economical) shrink wrapping station.

Pro Tip: If you shrink long pallets or pallets of varying sizes the Turbopack is perfect because you can shrink any pallet size.


Safety is always a top priority and this Ripack Turbopack includes a two-step ignition process that ensures the machine does not get unintentionally ignited. The design also has a control handle that automatically shuts off the gas supply when released. These features provide peace of mind in knowing your equipment and operators stay safe on the job.

Let’s get technical:

  • Power Developed: 190 KW
  • Consumption at 100%: 26.45 lb/hr
  • Operating Pressure: 2-3 bars
  • Gas Type: Propane
  • Weight: 242 lbs
  • Max Heating Height: 95" (86" with visor)
  • Passage Around the Pallet: 56 inches

Products to Accompany Your Turbopack:

  • Multicover 950 - Use this machine to create your own pallet covers of varying sizes and thicknesses
  • Multicover 960 E - Use this electronic machine to create your own pallet covers of varying heights while preventing waste

Check out this Ripack Official video showing just how easy it is to use the Turbopack:

Contact Us Today!

The professionals at Mr. Shrinkwrap are always here to advise you on what products will work best for you. Please call us at: 1-866-824-5881

Heat Shrink Tunnels: Why You Should Use Your End of Year Tax Breaks On This Equipment

By December 21, 2020 990 Views No comments

Heat Shrink Tunnelsheat shrink tunnel is an enclosed piece of equipment that utilizes a conveyor belt and heat system to maintain consistent temperatures within the tunnel chamber to heat shrink various different items.

There are three primary types of shrink tunnels:

  • Recirculating Tunnels
  • Infrared Tunnels
  • Steam Tunnels

Recirculating heat shrink tunnels use hot air at varying temperatures, volumes, and pressure to heat shrink an item. The ease in controlling the temperature and volume allows for easy customization for different types of items and heat shrinking needs.

Infrared heat shrink tunnels are lined with infrared bulbs that do not have to come into direct contact with the item to apply heat. Instead, these tunnels use electromagnetic radiation to heat the surface of an object. Do not use infrared tunnels for items needing to be penetrated beyond the surface as this type of heat shrink tunnel does not have that capability.

Steam heat shrink tunnels inject steam into the tunnel to heat the item. Steam heat shrink tunnels are not applicable for curing or removing water/moisture.

Heat shrink tunnels standard sizes:

  • Range from 15” wide by 6” high up to 22” wide by 8” high
  • Varying lengths and extended heights available

Most common uses for Heat Shrink Tunnels:

  • Shrinking Film or Labels
  • Removing Water or Moisture
  • Curing Coatings of Paint
  • Heating Parts
  • Shrink banding

Why invest in a heat shrink tunnel?

Heat shrink tunnels speed up shrinking by mechanizing the shrink wrap process. If you are using a sealer and heat shrink gun regularly, a heat shrink tunnel may be the answer. If you are interested in expanding your shrink wrapping business, take the pressure off from having to manually shrink wrap all items with a heat shrink tunnel. This is the perfect piece of equipment to add a second line to your production and will greatly speed up the entire process. Heat shrink tunnels will also provide consistency in the finished product and will streamline the overall process.

Heat Shrink Tunnel Manufacturers:

  • Heat Seal


  • Maripack

Chose the Perfect Heat Shrink Tunnel

Selecting the right heat shrink tunnel for your needs and future plans/goals is imperative. This is an important decision. Let the experts at Mr. Shrinkwrap help you assess the options and determine which heat shrink tunnel is right for you. We are dedicated to providing top-notch customer service and know how important it is to pick the right piece of equipment. Feel free to call us at 1-866-824-3723

Be sure to check out all of the different heat shrink tunnel options Mr. Shrinkwrap has to offer HERE!

Why you Should Rent a Shrinkfast 998 Heat Gun and NOT a Weed Burner for Your Next Shrink Wrap Job.

By October 5, 2020 6527 Views No comments

Why you Should Rent a Shrinkfast 998 Heat Gun and NOT a Weed Burner for Your Next Shrink Wrap Job.

First Things First...What is a Weed Burner/Roofing Torch?

A weed burner or roofing torch is a portable gas torch that produces a significant flame from the end of a long metal tube attached to a hose and regulator propane tank. The flame stays on all the time creating a constant hazard.

While the design is universal, some manufacturers include additional features such as an igniter, which is safer than lighting the flame tip with a lighter or match. Most of the time, the gas regulator is included, though its placement can vary.

The primary function of a weed burner is to use a flame to remove weeds in your yard, in or around sidewalks and driveways, and in gardens/farms. In the roofing industry, it is used to heat tar and roofing materials.

Why use a Weed Burner for Your Next Shrink Wrap Job?

Simple answer: DON’T!

Shrinkfast Rental

While these products are readily available at your local hardware store and inexpensive, these are NOT meant for shrink wrap projects and can be quite dangerous.

We have heard from many customers in the past who first purchased weed burners to complete their shrink wrap projects only to come to us after having terrible issues (sometimes dangerous ones) and many with poor results.

Here at Mr. Shrinkwrap, we want to get you the right tools for your next shrink wrap project. We know that sometimes it is not feasible to purchase a full Shrink Wrap Starter Kit but we have you covered!

Rent a Shrinkfast 998 Heat Gun

Rent a Shrinkfast 998 Heat Gun

The Shrinkfast 998 Heat Gun is propane operated and comes ready to use with 25' hose, regulator, and carrying case. This model 998 is somewhat different from the Shrinkfast 975 in that it is lighter and more efficient.

To rent from us simply contact Mr. Shrinkwrap and pay a fraction of the list price for 7 days along with a refundable deposit and you will have the Shrinkfast 998 Heat Gun shipped to you to complete your project. If you need longer than 7 days we will just charge you an additional weekly fee. All Shrinkfast 998 Heat Guns are under one year old and we guarantee the product’s quality and functionality. Learn More. As an added bonus we will provide a credit of $75 towards the purchase of a new heat gun after a rental has been completed.

In Conclusion…

With any project (big or small), it is imperative to have the right equipment and materials (you wouldn’t try to eat a steak with a plastic butter knife). Don’t make the mistake of cutting corners with your shrink wrap projects. It will just lead to frustration and likely additional unexpected costs to fix the first attempt.

Mr. Shrinkwrap is here and ready to give you all the tips, tricks, advice, and products to make sure you have a great experience with excellent results.

Brand Spotlight - Ripack

By September 28, 2020 1094 Views No comments



Originally named RIPPES, Ripack was created in Europe in 1922 and specialized in designing sealing equipment. Through the years they have maintained success through their continual innovation within the industry.

In 1975, Ripack came up with and developed the idea of covering a palletized load in a cover made from heat-shrinkable plastic in order to stabilize the load and protect it from theft and bad weather and thus, as they say, the rest is history.

1975 was also the year that shrinkwrap began to be manufactured and that spurred Ripack to develop a gas-fed “gun” intended for shrinking heat shrink covers thanks to the heat generated by the hot air produced. The “cold nozzle” patent which removes any risk of contact burns has enabled Ripack to become the leading brand on the market worldwide.

Ripack 3000 Heat Gun

Innovative Product Alert! - Ripack 3000 Shrink Gun

Featuring a unique Securipack system, the Ripack 3000 shrink gun offers the highest level of safety for this type of tool.

  • automatically detects the pressure in your gas bottle to prevent overheating
  • The stainless steel heat diffuser stays cold even when used for long periods (worldwide patent) preventing any risk of burns through direct contact with the nozzle.

The Ripack 3000 is the fastest shrink gun currently on the market. Thanks to the heat produced by a short, powerful flame, power is controlled. The quality of this heat facilitates shrink wrapping, unlike unsuitable welding torches with long, weak flames. The power of the Ripack 3000 is diffused through a fan-shaped nozzle in order to cover the largest possible surface area.

Suitable for 100-150 pallets a day, the Ripack 3000 is the solution to any problem related to the protection of your goods.

Ripack 3000 is also commonly used for boat wrapping and other outdoor applications. The Starter Kit contains everything you need to complete your project including:

  • 1 Ripack 3000 Heat Gun
  • 1 Premium Leather Safety Gloves (Pair)
  • 3 Rolls of 4" x 180' Shrink Wrap Tape
  • 1 Rolls of 2" x 180' Shrink Wrap Tape
  • 1 Roll of 1/2" x 1,500' Cross Woven Cord Strapping
  • 100 1/2" Buckles for Strapping
  • 1 Strap Tension Tool
  • 1 Roll 1/4" x 6" x 80' Foam Padding
  • 18 Adhesive Vents
  • 1 Shrink film knife
  • 4 Shrink film knife replacement blades

Pro Tip!

Ripack 3000 is equipped with an onboard spare ignitor. The piezo igniter is a part subject to wear and tear and found on all products on the market. The main difference between the Ripack 3000 and other competitors is that you can change it without needing to use any tools, or needing to disassemble your product and knowing that you have a spare piezo ignitor already in your equipment (hidden in the trigger guard casing).

*Looking for accessories such as extensions? Click Here


Today Ripack is sold in over 140 countries, has over 400 distributors worldwide (including us here at Mr. Shrinkwrap!), and has over 40 years experience in the world of heat-shrinkage.

Ripack Products can be Used to Contain:

  • Fragile good
  • Industrial goods
  • Boxes
  • Heavy loads
  • Pallets
  • Bulky products

Ripack protects products from corrosion, rain, humidity, sun damage, theft, and scratches.

Mr. Shrinkwrap sells over 115 Ripack products. Check them out HERE!

Honorable Mention Product: Turbopack

The Turbopack is a heat-producing column mounted on a trolley that can be easily moved around using its pivoting wheel system. The operator is able to shrink-wrap anywhere in the shipping area, avoiding having to move around unstable loads.

Key Features:

  • More effective thanks to its power and its fast operation
  • Economical and flexible for unparalleled value for money


Long-Time Customer of Ripack?

If you are interested in upgrading to the Ripack 3000 and have a Ripack 920 you can trade it in due to the in-demand parts from that model. Mr. Shrinkwrap offers a trade-in program for the tool of $75 on the purchase. Learn More

Product Spotlight - Polyolefin

By September 21, 2020 1274 Views No comments



Polyolefin (POF) is user-friendly, strong, bi-oriented, has anti-fog properties, and is perfect for a wide range of product packaging applications. The innovative crosslink provides strong, durable seals, and excellent shrinkage. The composition of this film enables outstanding performance on flow pack machines even at high rates.


Fast Facts About POF Shrink Wrap

  • Premium quality shrink wrap
  • Made of 100% recyclable materials
  • Excellent clarity and glossy shelf appearance
  • Ability to heat shrink quickly and completely
  • Durable, versatile, low cost
  • Excellent for bundling multiple items together
  • Cross-linked POF is great for high-speed applications, providing added strength without compromising clarity and prevents build-up on sealing components
  • More durable and not as affected by temperature changes
  • FDA approved for food contact
  • Excellent tensile-strength and propagation-to-tear
  • Pre-perforated POF is available

Let’s Breakdown the Various POF Shrink Films Available at Mr. Shrinkwrap:

Shrink Polyolefin SYTEC® MVP film is an innovative shrink film for a wide range of packaging applications. This crosslinked film is especially suitable for low shrink applications and where low shrinkage temperatures and high shrinkage speeds are required. Quickly formed, strong seals make this film an excellent choice for a variety of packaging machines. This film is designed to perform on all types of “L” bar sealers, high-speed side sealers and automatic form fill and seal equipment with either thermal or static seal systems.

Shrink Polyolefin SYTEC 307S film is recommended for packaging applications where maximum optics and durable wrapping are required. Strong seals and excellent shrink appearance are obtained with ease. This film is especially suitable for use on medium and high-speed packaging systems. This film runs well on high-speed form fill and seal machines equipped with a static seal system.

Shrink Polyolefin SYTEC® 701 film is a new polyolefin shrink film for a wide range of packaging applications. The innovative crosslink process provides strong, durable seals, and excellent shrinkage. Optical properties are superior. This film exhibits outstanding abuse resistance and is easy to use. 701 is designed to seal on “L” bar sealers along with high-speed side seal equipment.

Shrink Polyolefin SYTEC® 701D is a heavy-duty shrink film that offers both the manufacturer and end-user clear advantages. The cost advantage: More cost-effective than corrugated cartons; One-step package that requires very few packaging aids (tapes, inner bags, bands, etc.); Reduces volume and weight of packaged goods, decreasing the cost of transport and warehousing.

The Operational Advantages:

  • Lends itself easily to the automation of the packaging process
  • Minimizes stocking space of packaging material and of packaged goods
  • Simplifies stock of packaging materials – one size for many items = fewer items in stock

The Shelf Advantages:

  • Allows a clear view of the product at the sale point
  • Allows the customer to make sure the purchased kit is complete
  • Result: fewer returns, fewer disappointed customers!

No matter what your Polyolefin Shrink Film needs might be Mr. Shrinkwrap is a leading distributor with experienced technicians standing by to assist with any questions you may have. Check out our Polyolefin products here.

Share your Polyolefin wrapped products below!

Be Prepared for Winter. What you Need to Know About Boat Shrink Wrapping.

By September 14, 2020 700 Views No comments

Be Prepared for Winter. What you Need to Know About Boat Shrink Wrapping.

As the cooler months are quickly approaching, the time has come to get your boat and outdoor furniture ready for winter.

Like many residents across the north, winter isn’t just about enjoying fresh snowfall, skiing in the mountains, pulling out your favorite beanie, or drinking hot cocoa; it is also about safely storing your summer items to keep them out of the elements until next year.

Shrink wrapping is the perfect solution for your boat and patio furniture. Shrink wrapped items stay dry from snow and rain during the winter months and are protected from the sun and salty air helping them to last longer and stay clean.

  • Provides a waterproof barrier that will protect all winter and require little maintenance
  • Great for temporary structures to withstand the elements and remain productive during the off-season
  • Variety of colors and wide-width of sizes allow users to select a product that best suits their application based on environmental and dimensional needs
  • 100% virgin UV inhibited resin blend increases strength and longevity
  • Choice of thicknesses for use in different applications
  • Recyclable LLDPE #4 film
  • Made in the USA

Before & After

Boat Wrapping BeforeBoat Wrapping After

Mr. ShrinkWrap provides on-site boat shrink wrapping services in PA, DE & Maryland, and in some cases neighboring states. You can count on us to complete all onsite services within 7-10 days of the boat being ready to wrap. Place your order by phone, or check out online by selecting your boat size and type below. 866-826-1996. Contact us today to see if we are available to install shrink wrap near you!

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